When looking for a job I really did not help, says a doctorate graduate of Physical Education and Sport Added:18.11. 2011
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When looking for a job I really did not help, says a doctorate graduate of Physical Education and Sport

Considering doctoral study? The pros and cons of the following in an interview to share physiotherapist Renata Konopková, which he successfully graduated from the Physical Education and Sport.

** When did you decide to study doctoral studies? He gave you or someone you know stimulus already in the first year in college, that you would like to try? **

I decided to chance. I studied physiotherapy at the Physical Education and Sport, which was rather a practical field. In my thesis I worked at the Institute of Physiology Academy of Sciences in Krc, where I opened up new possibilities to study neurophysiology and there I met people that I admired. I wanted to learn something more about my field and from an entirely different perspective. Entertained me and English and reading scientific articles. In doctoral studies, I saw mostly the opportunity to work on themselves and perhaps delay the daily routine of going to work.

** What specifically did you have as part of their doctoral studies do? **

Brand new for me was working in the lab, critical reading and writing scientific texts. I also had to conduct several practical exercises on the high school.

** How much time did doctoral studies focused? **

I study full time vytěžovalo. First of all, from the beginning I was in the lab late into the late evening hours and weekends, I often spent reading professional articles, writing conference papers or practical training exercises.

** A graduate student comes to money? You also need to pursue another job, or you allow complete scholarship? **

With the money could go to, even if the mortgage or living the high life it was. During my studies I tried to work as a physiotherapist, but rather than due to the practice due to earn some money. First, I managed a few hours a week, and later I worked two days a week. It should be added, however, that it was not entirely easy, especially in terms of my time and energy. Probably I also extend the length of postgraduate study.

** You should have the opportunity to travel during the study? **

Yes, I traveled to several international conferences and three international internship in Budapest and Berlin.

** And what They brought the internship experience? **

First of all, I learned to cope with stressful situations. In addition, I also brought a greater perspective, and I met interesting people. I traveled a lot during university studies, ie before the postgraduate course, so a lot of situations for me was not entirely new. Work abroad, however, since in our department too different.

** I told you that you have over other graduates in the field of doctoral study completed with a competitive advantage? You feel it somehow? You need a better job offers? **

My doctoral studies has yielded many benefits, at least in terms of job offers. Some disappointment for me came at the moment, when I found his name written Ph.D., but Pr.D. After this comic accident, I realized how few people Ph.D. knows. Doctoral studies but it taught me more about things to think, be able to find important information, not to make premature conclusions and, finally, I met many interesting and capable people.

** Are there any downsides? **

The downside is the length of the above studies. Finish the study in 24 years is a lot different than the finish in 29th Doctoral studies can to some extent, shifts the onset of the everyday reality.

** Do you think the doctoral level, Everyone finish cooking college? Or needed some „special features“? **

I think one needs mainly ignition and interest. And above all you need to have a very good reason to have a Ph.D. Such reasons could include the requirements of the employer.

*** *** * Renata Konopková (30 years) has completed doctoral studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, a year ago. Previously, she studied at the same school study Physiotherapy. Currently working at the Academy of Sciences, teaches at his alma mater and anatomy is also active in rehabilitation as a physical therapist's of­fice .*

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