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What this application are graduates of MU? Added:4.11. 2011
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What this application are graduates of MU?

Starting salaries of graduates of Masaryk University (MU) is almost 23 thousand crowns. Not only that emerged from the research among more than a thousand year's graduates of full-time master's degree at MU.

As in previous years had nearly half the graduates after graduation secure employment, less than 40 percent of job sought, the rest wanted to continue their studies or stay abroad. „In seeking employment graduates relied mainly on their own forces – responded to the advertisements themselves contacted the employer and so on,“ says author Jaroslav Nekuda Research Centre of Scientific Information on Economics and Administration Faculty of Masaryk University.

High is the proportion of graduates who plan to work in the field, who studied at the university – reaching an average of 85 percent. In addition, their employment prospects considered 86 percent of respondents.

The highest starting salaries this year were given computer scientists (29 500 CZK) and economists (26 400 CZK). With the lowest salaries on the other hand have to accept especially scientists (19 300 CZK) and teachers (17 800 CZK), which are usually bound spreadsheets salaries in the public sector. He earned extra money while studying more than 50 percent of respondents.

Compared to last year, the number of graduates who wish to travel abroad to work: the majority are graduates of the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Economics and Administration. The prevailing motivation not unlike past years, higher earnings. The prospect of better financial remuneration incentive to leave only the young doctor, other considerations led to the departure abroad, other motivations such as desire for knowledge, development of language skills and gain international experience.

Survey Completion of studies at Masaryk University – Review and outlook made by experts from the Faculty of Economics and Administration MU since 1994. This year's survey in June and July 1150 attended by recent graduates of master's students who make up approximately 51.5% of the total number of university graduates.

The complete report is available „here“: /…/MU_2011.pdf.

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