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Student self-help sites Added:16.11. 2011
Updated:5.9. 2012
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Student self-help sites

Times when all the study information, compiling schedules and records for examination focused on faculty boards, long gone forever. Today, the study largely takes place on the web. No wonder that even the students themselves do not remain behind and diligently establish various self-help portals, enabling them to pass university life as easy as possible, inform them, but also fun.

Try to compile a comprehensive list of all student portals is almost impossible. Arise not officially supported and the school, but often only on its own initiative or a small group of enthusiasts in the sub-classes or student activities. But, whatever the origin and method of operation of any such websites may be useful not only for current students but also for all those about the „good high“ only „second thoughts“: how-choose-the-right-high-2. Let us now introduce a few of them.

Dion === ====

[* Dione.jpg <] As an „independent student information server of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen“ in its subtitle profiling web Dion ** **. Its target audience is primarily students of Pilsen, suggesting only a mere glance at the headlines and content of each block. There are mainly dealt with issues that are burning, burning, or could, the experience of their peers, both with their kindergarten and must be from different paths, as well as invitations to local events, calendar, etc. Instead of that is earmarked for local advertising housing, job offers or textbooks.

Web site: „“:

Helen in the box === ===

[* Helena.png <] interesting web project, this time designed especially for students at Palacky University in Olomouc (but not only them), is also a news and current affairs portal in a box ** Helen **. The site contains in addition to a variety of university news and observations also broader topics such as Culture, Student recipes, etc. There are also many sites for many typical section multitematická Helen Café, which offers something of everything. Outlined a wide range of portal content while reliably expands horizons (only) Olomouc students, but it lacks a certain personal approach and the possibility of greater interaction.

Web site: „www.helenavkra­“:

[* Prf-uk.jpg <] is more and the Web of Science student at Charles University in Prague, called simply ** Student website **. Operated by the Student Association of the Academic Senate, but here can help all students who simply have something to say to others. Web was born in 2008 and how it works differently than major commitment and enthusiasm of its creators. Originally, however, created an information website of the Academic Senate and the service to their constituents. Its contents are not only comments and forums, but also many other sections, among others, Student Life, East textbooks and a variety of informational articles regarding studies at the faculty in general. Interesting is also a special section Forum with pre-established topics, where students can ask questions and discuss.

Web site: " / student ':

Other === sites at CU

[* Social.png <] operate its portals and other students of Charles University in Prague. Unmistakable as to the meaning, content and sebepropagace magazine as students of the Faculty of Social Sciences with Social nadsázkovým title ** **. It operates by association of University Media – Media group of students at Charles University (which also runs a university portal UKáč ** **). He offers a wide array of social sections – unfortunately, even so wide that some were last updated in the last year. All, however, may be about events on the faculty and the organization of things suggest a site uninitiated visitors. The same background, a University media student portal also has a Faculty of Arts, called ** FFakt **. Includes sub-sections a little less than social (but just „updated“), but also because it is transparent and deals with almost everything happens on the faculty in the field as such. [* Humr.png <] For example, students of the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, then, already under their own administration, run for five years his humanistic revue ** ** Lobster, which until recently was based in printed form. Its content consists mainly of topics such as culture, events for faculty, student activities and personal experiences or major social issues. Recently, however, the project passed the crisis, which in these days trying to solve obrodným process, whether the transition to the new site, exchange management and other staff editors or gradual performance while empty columns, but so far only archived posts. We can only hope that the crisis will be overcome.

Web site: „social.ukmedi­“:, „“:, „“ http:/ /

ALL === Economix

[* Economix.png <] If you want to introduce at least some significant student Web sites created in our universities, we must not forget the student magazine of the University of Economics in Prague called Economix ** **. By March came in printed form than it replaced just mentioned website. It operates axes Economist, which today brings together about fifty students. Those interested can find the portal to news from the world of school, but education in general, as well as invitations to the already renowned Ekofóra and other events, their calendar, etc. Its spirit can not enter any other professional, thematically oriented web portal. But it also reduces the possibility of greater involvement of students themselves to its contents.

Web site: „“:

[* Sedm.png <] Very well promoted and actively promoting their own school sites are certainly portal managed by students of Czech Technical University in Prague, called the Magnificent Seven ** **. Targeted primarily at secondary school students who are trying to convey not only a variety of information about the CTU itself, but also news and news from the world of science and technology. There is also rooted language Web site that seeks to bring more speaking teenagers. Indeed, the seven brave already has a number of high school students not only the virtual but also personal experience as their team circle the Republic and organizes information seminars for them with a slightly popularizačním subtext.

Web site: „www.sedmstatec­“:

The CTU also works several other web portals, which are more focused on university students in general. These include portal ** ** International Student Club, informing mainly on exchange programs, or maybe ** ** Union, which is the place to share experiences, study materials, you can insert advertising here, or discuss in the chat. Unfortunately, whether it's wide stride (he wants to involve almost all high and middle school), or lack of motivation for his administration, most sections of the union had never found a single contribution or is updated only occasionally.

Web site: „www.student.cvut­.cz“:, „“:

=== Halas

[* Halas.png <] It is quite understandable that behind their creative work, at least in terms of student portals, do not stay nor students from Masaryk University. One of the most famous local portals are Halas ** **. This site is actually a younger brother of the printed version, which this year celebrates the 20th Anniversary (information about its history here but many do not find it because the section was dedicated at least at the time of this text in preparation). On the web Halas formation involved mainly students of the Faculty of Social Studies. And probably a familiar name, or maybe focus mainly humanistic study of its creators wanted it to turn it became more or less accepted medium of dealing with not only what is on the faculty. Nejzastoupenější the heading, there are noises University, which falls short of almost everything that does not sport or university events. There is also a critical view of him as well as humor. Despite its reputation, however, Halas recently faced with some financial problems that nearly led to its demise. It has mostly informative (and critical) character, so it is not surprising that the emphasis on maintaining quality is not undermined by the cottages, advertisements or opinions „regular“ users.

Web site: „www.casopisha­“:

[* Lemur.png <] „The events in all faculties, the university events and cultural and social news in Brno“ aims to inform the portal lemur ** **. His publisher is Garrigue Media axes, based MU students in 2009 was to issue lemur. The portal also offers the areas mentioned in their objectives, the views, information and culture of student life. This includes for example behind a wall section devoted ožehavějším topics such as alcohol, drugs, sex, stress, etc. There is also space for comments from (of course registered) users, web developers are not afraid to publish on the front page. The portal works well and is relatively frequently updated.

Web site: „“:

[* Poradci.png <] A very interesting project in Brno is also the site ** ** Study consultants, backed by the people, „whose work focuses primarily on providing academically-legal advice to all MU students, regardless of grade, stage or form study, study and faculty. " Their web page as well as their own work in practice, focusing particularly on the legislative, advisory, mediation, or without the intervention activities in representing the rights of students at Masaryk University. In addition to all the pages are so focused topics also available information on the planned "educational lectures,“ which study advisors are held regularly on the faculties of the university. There however, not general information about various study and legislative issues that may be useful for nebrněnské students.

Web site: „“:

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