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Hooray for France to study and travel Added:9.11. 2011
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Hooray for France to study and travel

France attracts every year thousands of foreign students. Helen Samkova, third-year student of French philology disciplines and Art Studies at Palacky University in Olomouc, spent the entire previous year in the southern French Perpignan. „I became more independent,“ says dvousemestrálním their stay at the Université de Perpignan Via Domitia.

** How did the selection process for Erasmus? ** The French philology was only one round control – probably due to the low number of applicants – and the writing, by letter of motivation.

** You should have the option to choose from more schools. Why did you choose just here in Perpignan? ** Department of Romance has a relatively wide range of foreign schools, the choice depends on the location of the tender. This university I have chosen mainly for its location. Perpignan is located near the Mediterranean coast and also near the Pyrenees – or is close to the sea and the mountains and we can also go to Spain, everything is within reach.

Helen Samkova

** How did you feel the first days after arrival? ** I do not know or do not know where my head was. Upon arrival, I had a lot of paperwork and arranging, I had to adapt to the local education system and way of life. Feeling light confusion, however, soon replaced by a very pleasant impression of the new environment, taste and discover the local culture and surroundings.

** Did you have a problem with the finish? ** In the beginning, certainly. Although I would not say that I had to settle the problem directly, but rather to respond quickly and speak to „bony.“ Initially it was mainly that I have revived and enriched the vocabulary.

** As you take the other students? ** I think it very well. Thus, especially with regard to other foreign students, with those we have created quite a strong team. Domestic, French students have among themselves a new people venturing only rarely.

** What do you enjoy most at school? ** One of the most interesting objects, the history of architecture.

** How did you spend your free time? ** First of all, traveling in the vicinity, but also Spain – from the nearby airport in Girona could take advantage of offers on cheap tickets cost flights throughout Europe. Anyway, the University itself has a very wide range of extracurricular activities – from many types of dance lessons through sports or shooting up a series of cultural events in the city. I am the most dedicated volleyball, where we also had a varsity team, and on weekends we often went on hikes in the mountains. When the weather was nice, so of course we spent the afternoon at the beach.

** Are you glad you lived abroad in the academic year, or next time you'd rather opt for a one-semester stay? ** I was very happy and next time I chose the other hand stay even longer if possible.

** Completed study visit your expectations? ** I had no particular expectations. However, improved language skills, learning new cultures, and many new people from around the world is certainly true.

** What are you most enriched? ** At about independence, strengthening personality. Man is at once for himself and has to take care of myself with everything. Most gave me the very new, diverse situations and meetings with various people. They are irreplaceable experience.

** What you sent word to students who are considering a stay in France? ** If you are willing to fight with the French bureaucratic system and the endless paperwork that with it, so I highly recommend. It's a beautiful country that prides itself on its traditions, and where it is definitely something new to discover.

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