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Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice is celebrating 20 years since its founding Added:4.11. 2011
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Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice is celebrating 20 years since its founding

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Today, students of the largest and second oldest Faculty of the University of Pardubice – Faculty of Economics and Administration these days he recalls 20 years since its founding in 1991.

Faculty for this period underwent a great development. 20 years ago founded the Institute of Chemical Technology in Pardubice with the then forty tradition of teaching chemical-technological fields new Faculty of territorial administration, which began to study in one field of study of 50 students. In this, the twentieth year of faculty studying in bachelor's, master's and doctoral level degree programs in four and twenty branches nearly 2,500 students.

  • „It is pleasing that the study at the Faculty of Economics and Administration is among the candidates from secondary schools is still very high. This year's application to study in full-time or combined form of nearly 3,500 applicants. Faculty of twenty years of existence left 6,678 qualified graduates with a bachelor's degree or the title "engineer,“ * says Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration Assoc. Ing. et Ing. Renata Myšková, Ph.D.

Twentieth anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice, among other things reminds ** on Thursday 3 November from 16.00 hours the ceremonial meeting of the faculty and their guests at the Pardubice Castle **. Rector of University Professor. Miroslav Ludwig and Dean of the Faculty Assoc. Renata Myšková recall short performances not only commemorated the anniversary, but also the development and future of the second oldest university faculty. All the guests also briefly greet the captain of the Pardubice Region Ing. Radko Martinek and Mayor of Pardubice, MD. Stepanek Fraňková.

Gala evening at the castle closes ** major professional event – „Week of theory and practice in the economy,“ **, which this week on jubilující under the auspices of the Faculty Dean is. In the week of Monday, the 31st October to Thursday, 3 November, students, academics and other professional public hear in classrooms and lecture halls of the University 24 special lectures of leading academics from other higher education institutions of the Czech and Slovak Republic and prominent practitioners.

In June 1990, founded the Department of Social Sciences, 17 Academic Senate in January 1991 the then University of Chemical Technology in Pardubice approved the establishment of the Faculty of territorial administration, which in 1993 was renamed the Faculty of Economics and Administration. High School reacted to the current need for skilled professionals for state and local governments and private businesses in industry, commerce and services, to develop comprehensive cooperation which even now, in regional and international scale. In the autumn of 1991, the first academic year began on the new faculty to study the first fifty students.

Direction of new faculty was appointed Assoc. Ing. Milos VITEK, MD., Which was from April 1992 to May 1993 and the first dean of the faculty. Since then, the head of the faculty was worth six figures. In this academic year studying at the Faculty of 2500 students, is the largest faculty to students from seven faculties of the University of Pardubice. It has one hundred employees, including 85 academic staff.

Students are educated in the Faculty of Economics and Management subjects, the issue of public administration and law, especially administrative, intensely familiar with information systems, technology, computer technology, mathematics and statistics, with emphasis on good grounding in foreign languages. Focus on involvement of the Czech Republic into European economic structures is an integral part of the orientation courses of higher grade. Also, the nature of scientific research activity meets the requirements for further improving the efficiency of operation of public administration and economic institutions in the regional and international context.

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Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University of Pardubice spokesman phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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