University of South builds a new building Added:9.11. 2011
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University of South builds a new building

The campus' University of South Bohemia in Czech Budejovice ": held on Thursday 3 November 2011 ceremony tap the cornerstones of the new buildings in the project Development of the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agricultural Development and the Faculty of Fisheries and water protection. Students can look forward to new facilities in the fall of 2013.

New building for the „Faculty of Science“: originates in undeveloped parts of campus buildings in the vicinity of the Faculty of Science and Laboratory of the Biology Centre ASCR, with which it will form a complex. The building built in the shape of the letter H will consist of one underground and three floors. The new facility incurred specialized laboratories, specialized units, lecture halls and classrooms, including technical and sanitary facilities and common areas of operation and study of the faculty, which will build on the central hall.

The new building „Agricultural Faculty and the Faculty of Fisheries“: also inspired alphabet. Upsilon-shaped building will have three floors with a flat roof and glazed parts of the atria. There will be placed in lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories.

Source: Press Release

Author: Hruška, Jan

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