Youth for youth Added:10.11. 2011
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Youth for youth

On 18th ** to 20 November 2011 ** will ** ** be held in Pelhřimov seminar that will take you through options ** study abroad and international cooperation **. Youth for youth is aimed at young people aged ** 15 – 19 years ** who wish to participate in international activities with their peers from European countries. During the seminar, participants learn where to find information on how to make first contact with young people and organizations from other countries and how it is possible to participate in various activities.

** Applications are sent to 15 November 2011 **. Space is limited to 20 participants, preference will be given to previously registered candidates. The workshop is for participants completely ** free **. The only thing you pay is right. ** ** Application form and further information can be found „here“:…ska__Y4Y.doc.

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