Pilsen came right on the accreditation of doctoral program Added:8.11. 2011
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Pilsen came right on the accreditation of doctoral program

Ministry of Education deprive 7th November 2011 Pilsen law school accredited doctoral program. The decision will apply from 29 February 2012. The Ministry also suspended the faculty authorization to carry out rigorous state examinations and awarding JUDr.

Faculty are now awaiting a decision on extending accreditation of Bachelor and Master studies. The re-accreditation has asked the Ministry of Science 31st October, eight months before it expires. Current students with master's degree but received verdicts of the Ministry of Education alone.

PhD Faculty does not accept it for two years, ie since the beginning of the affairs of the faculty. Current doctoral students Theoretical Legal Sciences already can not complete his studies at the school, faculty, they must find a replacement. The Rector of the University of West Ilona Mauritzové currently studying in the doctoral program of 80 students.

Suspended state of the rigorous examinations and awarding degrees Mgr. Faculty should resume as soon as the Ministry decides to extend the accreditation positively Master's degree, then early next year. „If you find that indeed faculty staffing is good and sufficient, it may also extend to the granting of accreditation and to change the verdict of rigorous management,“ said Rector.

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