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Representatives of Japan's Kobe University, Hyogo act at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice Added:8.11. 2011
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Representatives of Japan's Kobe University, Hyogo act at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice

Press news

This week (between 6 to 11 November) hosts the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice delegation from the University of Hyogo, based in Kobe, Japan. This is the third Japanese university with which the Faculty has established contacts in addition to universities and Matsumoto KCG in Kyoto.

Five representatives of the University of Hyogo, headed by the Dean of the Faculty of business administration and director of the Institute for Social Innovation in negotiations on the campus and visit the companies that deal with support and employment services for disabled citizens and the social economy, familiar with local approaches and experience in this area.

Faculty of Economics and Administration and the organizing Department of Economics and Management to prepare them for the professional program and a special workshop, attended by both academics and home economics and administration faculty, but also colleagues from other faculties of Czech universities (University of Hradec Kralove and University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně Usti nad Labem).

The discussion provides professional organizer of international meetings Assoc. Ing. Ivan Kraft, MD. home of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice, „With Japanese colleagues, we will discuss and exchange experiences on issues of social firms and social economy, employment and eliminate exclusion of disabled people in the labor market. Director of the Japanese Institute focused on social innovation, prof. Yoshimasa Katoh performances will include a presentation on the social involvement of companies and job opportunities in the context of natural disasters in Japan. Our Czech experts from academia will discuss the structure and position of the economy, social and legal aspects of social entrepreneurship and social work in the Czech Republic. With its professional performances and workshop agenda will complement Senator Mgr. Miluše Mountain and director of the Labour Office in Pardubice Ing. Peter Klimpl. “

In addition to meeting the delegation will visit the campus three social firms – sheltered workshops in Pardubice, Prague and confectionery companies in DIPRO Proseč with deeds. The faculty representatives of Japanese universities also meet with representatives from various departments of the faculty, will inform each other of the professional activities of research and discuss possible areas of further cooperation and focus.

  • And any further information contact: *
  • Doc. Ing. Ivan Kraft, MD .*
  • Department of Economics and Management FES *
  • Phone 466 036 559 *
  • E-mail ivana.kraftova @ *

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University of Pardubice spokesman phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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