Famufest year weightlessness Added:23.11. 2011
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Famufest year weightlessness

This year's Festival ** ** Famufest, organized by the Film and Television Academy of Performing Arts, will be held from 25th ** to 27 November at the New National Theatre in Prague **. It turns into a spacecraft, which will meet students, filmmakers, experts and viewers.

In recent years the festival had a form of competition. This concept, however, will change this year. * "We believe that the principle of competition is not the only driving force that drives the film material universe. Our ship is flying at zero gravity – it is a condition where a person leaves the burden of stereotypes, a condition where the ship itself driven by mere joy of flight, "* says creative director Robin Famufest Kvapil.

The weightlessness Famufest viewers will be able to see ** 101 films from all departments . Screenings will be from Friday morning until Sunday evening. ** Daily admission is CZK 100 .

After the projection of films will be ** discussion with the arbiters **. The role of the arbitrator will decide, but reflect zhlédnuté movies, take them to approach and confront it with the present authors. The discussion will be able to participate samozejmě and spectators. Arbitrators will be important figures in film and culture in general. Among other promised to participate such as directors Robert Sedlacek **, ** Julius Sevcik, artist Jaromír 99 ** ** ** composer and musician Jan P. Muchow **, editor weekly Respect ** ** Erik Tabery, composer and painter * Vladimir Franz * ** ** Peter and actress Špalková **.

In addition to movie viewers will have the opportunity to visit some of the many side events ** **. Two days before the festival takes place in cinema ** ** Bio Oko independent action of one of the departments, the Center of Audiovisual Studies. During the evening, entitled „Experience something indescribable happens rarely,“ will be presented ** selected part of the projects from last school year **.

** The galleries gamma, or loss of Beautiful Whale ** viewers will be able to visit the photographic exhibition ** ** students of the Department of photos. The new arena will also be lectures ** ** interesting personalities from the film, film and media. The accompanying program of the festival will be like every year ** ** concerts – performances will include Berlin Candie Hank ** ** ** ** Fuckead (Austria), DJ Fett ** ** (Germany) and other musical artists from the Czech Republic and abroad.

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