Science Center BIOCEV grow in 2015 Added:12.11. 2011
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Science Center BIOCEV grow in 2015

The European Commission has approved the order for the fifth major project – ** construction of biomedical and biotechnology centers BIOCEV ** which receives nearly 2.3 billion from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations. Center grows in Vestec near Prague in 2015, in full operation will employ up to 600 people here and ** application finds more than 200 graduate and master students **.

The center will be BIOCEV R genes related to heart disease, liver or hearing loss, but also the development of biomaterials for replacement of blood vessels and heart valves or skeleton to support the regeneration of damaged spinal cord. The research results will be used in BioCeV also in green energy, such as waste treatment or for the development of new therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in medicine.

In the Czech Republic, thanks to European funds created unique fenogenomiky Center, which will also include a „mouse clinic“, for example, but also leading center for training young scientists and corporate executives.

** Source: Ministry of Education press release **

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