Palacky University will present its candidates Added:19.11. 2011
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Palacky University will present its candidates

All those interested in studying at the University of Palacky in Olomouc would certainly have had on Saturday 26th ** ** November and have time to go to the local open day. While it is because they can about their eventual alma mater even know what the internet looking for some hard – get acquainted personally with representatives of schools, check out some of the faculty building, auditorium or classrooms and most importantly: will there be able to ask for it what is personally interested. The Open Day will be held at all eight faculties that are involved in the program through several information blocks.

The second and final opportunity to visit the University of Olomouc before submitting the final application, applicants will still get a Friday the 20th ** January 2012 **. This term, however, was not the Law Faculty.

More information about the open day, as well as a detailed breakdown of the program at the faculties already visit UP.


Author: Černá, Lucie

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