Exhibition "(Z) NOMINATIONS God" - the best of young design Added:16.11. 2011
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Exhibition "(Z) NOMINATIONS God" - the best of young design

Want to see what new is being born in the hands of a new generation of designers, many of whom, besides himself formation is still going through tribulations of student life? Then go look at the recently opened DBK ** ** Gallery in Prague Budweiser Square. ** Up to 29 ** November, there is an exhibition made up of competition those posts that have been nominated for the ** National Award for Student Design 2011 **.

Among the exhibits, of course, will not be missing those three independent jury appreciated – and 10 November and publicly declared – as products of good design (of the awards received a total of 15 authors), excellent design (this price will eventually floated five authors) and then of course the winning product. Note that the time is very unusual for a conservative part of the population certainly slightly provocative.

Competitive student work can be found in the 5th DBK floor gallery at Budejovicka 64, Prague 4 (near metro station Budejovicka). It is open from Monday to Friday 9 to 20 pm, weekends 9 to 19 pm and admission is free.

Competition for the National Award for Student Design in the Czech Republic held since 1991, this task was at its jubilee. Engage in it can not only students of universities and colleges, as well as interested parties from industry-focused higher and secondary schools. This year has been entered into the competition a total of 186 works from 12 universities and 23 colleges and secondary vocational schools. The jury shortlisted eventually underwent nearly six dozen of them and a total of 21 were finally rewarded in the basic categories and several other categories in the side.

Source: www.studentskydesign.cz, www.designcabinet.cz

Author: Černá, Lucie

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