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I do not forget - academics Moravian College Olomouc honor the memory of Jan Opletal Added:15.11. 2011
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I do not forget - academics Moravian College Olomouc honor the memory of Jan Opletal

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On Friday 11 11th 2011 honor academics Moravian College Olomouc laying flowers, lighting candles and a silent tribute to the memory of student Jan Opletal at his grave in exp. Ceremony, which took place the day in 1939 of injuries from anti-Nazi demonstration Opletal John died, attended college in addition to leadership, representatives of students and graduates from Moravian College Olomouc.

"We are gathered here at the tomb of John Opletal to commemorate the event, and thus prevented her oblivion, which is still before 72 years ago, but its profound importance in the future. November 11, 1939 a young man died of his injuries, which suffered the brutal suppression of anti-Nazi demonstrations. November 15, 1939, his funeral attended by thousands of students and meeting escalated into another demonstration, resulting in the closing of all Czech universities, the execution of nine students on November 17 and the mission of nearly 1100 students in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. His death must be seen primarily as an expression of courage and resistance against an ideology that opposes the universality of humanity, freedom and solidarity of all and preaches racial, linguistic, national or religious exclusivity to some, "said the ceremony Mgr. Ladislav Chvatal, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for External Relations.

An important part of student comments on the events that moved the Czech and European history, will be at Moravian College Olomouc as a ceremonial meeting of the academic community to the 17th November, which will be held on Monday 14 November 2011 from the Congress Hall 13.30hv Pegasus Regional Centre Olomouc. Program will bear the motto „do not forget.“

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