The fate of tuition fees on a swing - how will depend on the amount of salary? Added:21.11. 2011
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The fate of tuition fees on a swing - how will depend on the amount of salary?

The debate about tuition fees again got a new direction. While until recently it seemed that college students could tuition in the planned 10 000 CZK per semester to start repaying when they reach the average salary above minimum wage, now again speculated that the need for repayment of tuition fees in the amount of pay not linked at all. Wages would affect more than just tuition payment to interrupt, and if the student earned less than twice the minimum wage. Said on Czech Television.

The game also continues the announced version, that student fees would have to pay his employer, for example, in exchange for a commitment that the student remains in the employer's company or institution for several years. This expenditure would turn the company could deduct from taxes.

Graduates would be able to pay tuition fees from a building society, and without losing state contribution. They could also be met by a special student loans, which would provide commercial banks. The loan would in all cases should be repaid within a maximum of 15 years, the student would have to be right after graduating from binding to decide whether these installments will be paid within five, ten or 15 years, and accordingly would have been calculated annual amount of payments. Relief from the obligation to repay would bring only loss of employment, parental leave or wages below the minimum wage twice. But he had to pay the least interest.

There have also discussed the possibility of raising the status of a student, up to 35 years. The condition would be that the student began the study before 30 years of age, studied in full-time study and prolonging.

This so-called bill of student financial support, the government should discuss the end of November. With the introduction of tuition fees are calculated from the academic year 2013/2014.


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Author: Černá, Lucie

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