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Botany Branch is in our universities represented only in master's and doctoral cycle, but those who would like to pay once botany, would it have been thinking when choosing a Bachelor degree. What, then, is the study of botany and what discipline is his best starting point?

Study of botany has nothing to do with gardening or so, as the thorough study of plants from all sides view their microworld exception. The ideal starting studying for a master's degree sequel is so mainly fields of biology, respectively. Teaching biology, and even then preferably at the same school at which the student would like to attend and master studies. Then, because she has gained a much greater chance of being admitted without having to compose entrance exams.

== Where to study botany

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** Faculty ** Study program: Biology ** ** Study: ** Botany (Mgr., P; 2 years) **

Study Botany at the University integrates a whole range of related disciplines, from ecology plant after interaction of individuals and communities. Students are more or less thorough familiarize them with the knowledge from such disciplines as biosystematics, molecular phylogeny, morphology, and geometric morphometry, population ecology, and many others. Studying at the UK is viewed primarily from the perspective of plant communities and at all levels, including research landscape history or anthropogenic influence.

=== Graduates

Application of students is not limited solely to the field of botany, but thanks to wider studio shots can look after positions in other biological, but also non-biological disciplines in science and practice. The application therefore in crop production, forestry, water, sanitation, protection of nature and spatial planning, pharmacy, management and landscape restoration.

=== Admission Test

Entrance exam consists of an oral exam only from the knowledge base of the field, ie. Botany.

** Web: ** „­“:…gie/botanika

[* Sk-3.jpg <] UNIVERSITY === === PALACKY OLOMOUCI ** Faculty ** Study: Botany ** ** (Mgr., P; 2 years)

At UP, students as well as UK deal besides study botany itself and more specific disciplines. An example of this is here taught botany vascular plants, plant ecology, physiology and genetics of, for example, then fytogenofondu protection, phytopathology (the science of plant diseases), phytocoenology (the science of plant communities) and others. They meet But there is a range of related disciplines, such as microbiology, algologie (the science of algae), mycology (the science of fungi), bryology (the science of bryophytes) lichenology (the science of lichen), but also biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology and many others.

=== Graduates

With a combination of classic botanical subjects with teaching related disciplines is expanding opportunities for graduates of schools in practice. Besides the opportunity to continue his studies in doctoral programs not only in UP may apply, for example, in research institutes, as assistants at universities, workers in botanical gardens, museums, organizations dealing with the protection of nature and management of protected areas within the health services , water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, companies focused on environmental issues and so on.

=== Admission Test

Branch is directly penetrable Bachelor's degree in biology, respectively. and teaching biology at UP. Otherwise, the acceptance tests consist of knowledge knowledge that the content of the Bachelor examination in Systematic Biology and Ecology.

** Web: ** „“:…/botanika-1/

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University of South CZECH BUDĚJOVICÍCH

** Faculty ** Study program: Botany ** ** (Mgr., P; 2 years)

The study of the master field at JCU is further divided into sub-topics, namely Algology, Systematics of higher plants, Ecology of populations, ecology, mycology and Archaeobotany.

=== Graduates

Graduates may find employment at the various types of botanical, ecological, water management and landscape workplaces in basic research, but also for example in education.

=== Admission Test

Without professional entrance examination may be in the master's degree received Bachelor's degree in Science JU, which is reported to the master's degree in direct response to a bachelor's degree, which also won the weighted average over the entire study of more than 2,3 and it passed the entrance examination of English. For the other candidates is prepared written and oral examination. First, take exams in English language and three specialized subject areas (for selection, candidates from the circuit Biology Plant, Animal Biology, Cell Biology and Genetics, Physiology and Developmental Biology of animals and plants, Ecology, Environment and Biological Chemistry) and followed by a debate above bachelor thesis (or its corresponding written work), or to assess the readiness of the candidate intended to develop a thesis. They may be only candidates who reach the English evaluation „passed“. Required knowledge of English for evaluation „passed“ (as opposed to other possible rating of „failed“) is a qualified professional understanding of the English text and the ability of written formulation of the facts mentioned in the text and the debate about them.

** Web: ** „botanika.prf­“: http: //botanika.prf­

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