FutEUrista Competition: Create a report from the computer game Added:29.11. 2011
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FutEUrista Competition: Create a report from the computer game

Philosophy of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University announced contest „FutEUrista“ which is designed for students of secondary schools and their teachers. Contestants must create teams of no more than three students, each team may yet work with one teacher as a consultant. The team will then play together computer simulation Europe 2045, where you can try out the management of the European Union in the 2045th It is up to the competitors, how they will behave in the game. Example, they can prohibit the wearing of religious symbols, release of budget funds for cancer research or support financially the way the first crew on Mars.

After the contestants will play one or more parts of this exercise, stand on the role of journalists and attempt to bring the message or story of what happened during their games. Entries can be as follows:

  • TV or video reportage photo report from the game simulation;
  • TV or video reportage photo report about the events of the selected simulation;
  • Newspaper front page on the social and political events in Europe in the selected year simulation, including graphics;
  • Scientific and technical annex of the newspapers selected by simulation.

Timeless, interesting and stimulating contributions will be published on the website and the portal Evropa2045.cz events in Europe Dvorek.eu. Each team member also gets the best e-reader and their teacher in the role of consultant to purchase electronic voucher worth CZK 1 000. Teams that placed second and third place will receive valuable prizes.

Entries must be sent before 15 4th 2012 to the e-mail michaela@generationeurope.cz. The exact rules of the competition, registration form and to download the game „at the competition site“: http://www.evropa2045.cz/soutez.php.

Source: Web site contest

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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