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Degree from a foreign university? Why not! Added:14.12. 2011
Updated:16.1. 2013
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Degree from a foreign university? Why not!

Many seniors are already wondering what the College provides an application in February. But why think only of Czech schools? And not only graduates, bachelors and master's degree can get elsewhere than in the Czech Republic. About what possibilities foreign university offers what is needed for adoption to do and what benefits you bring such a study, you can read the following article. Note. The article was updated on 16. 1. 2013 (Kav).

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Whether you go to study abroad for a few weeks, months, or years, you are guaranteed to bring home with them a lot of expertise and experience. Above all, however, to enhance the language in which you study. If you do not go out just to abroad for an exchange, but even straight to a degree, you can be almost sure that in a given language and begin to think. During his studies outside the Czech Republic to get new friends and new impressions and know that you can live differently than you're used to. In particular, the foreign title but will look great on your CV, which should be a significant bonus in the search for future employment.

Where is the report?

If you have already started thinking about the fact that your college choice is not our country, I'm sure you've asked the question, how far in advance you have to start out the formalities. Especially, when it is necessary to send an application. But before you start filling such application, make sure you clarify on what school you want to report. It is necessary to make a selection based on several criteria:

  • ** In which language can I study? ** (While studying in a language you will need to not only listen and speak, but also to read literature, write essays, to think critically, argue etc.).
  • ** Requires me after school a language certificate? ** (If yes, and I do not have it, I have to consider whether I was able to keep him on the given date obtained)
  • ** School teaches such a course, on what I want to say? ** (Most schools have well-prepared overview of fields of study, just choose the one that suits you best)
  • ** Will I fit local conditions? ** (Unless you are a winter person, probably not going to study in Greenland, while Spain probably will not suit those who rage smash thermometer, if only a little climbs above 20 degrees Celsius)

In the following list you can read essential information to study in the country, ie. To be submitted when the application or what are the financial costs. Please take into account that, of course, each school may have different policies, so just to be sure everything always check with the Study Department.


** Until when are you applying: ** the winter semester until 15 July, the summer semester in January 15

** Finance: ** average of 500 euros per semester, but they differ according to federal countries (for example in Rhineland-Palatinate tuition is € 650, € 500 in Thuringia, in Hamburg € 375)

** Other: ** scholarship from the German government do not expect more, contact the following organizations: „The German Academic Exchange Service“: http: // Menu = 8 & Shifts = 1 (DAAD), „Academic Information Agency "http: //,“ Robert Bosch Foundation „: http: //­tent/language1/html/441­.asp,“ Czech-German Fund for the Future ": http : //www.fondbudou­

=== Austria

** Until when are you applying: ** the winter semester until 1 September for the summer semester 1 February

Finance **: ** as EU citizens pay for study only, if more than a year transcend the proper time for study, such a fee is € 364 per semester. Whether you study properly or not, you have to pay the „student union“ 16 euros per semester.

Other **: ** as citizens of EU Member States can submit an application and the extended deadline (30 November, respectively. 30 April), but keep in mind that if you file an application after the deadline, your tuition by 10 % more expensive.

United Kingdom

** Until when are you applying: ** the winter semester in January 15

** Finance: ** average fee is around three thousand pounds a year (about 85 000 CZK). Free can be studied at several universities in Scotland.

** Other: ** Debt, during which you repay tuition increases, you will begin to repay after graduation and achieving a certain level of annual income; at the same time you can take a student loan for living costs.


** Until when are you applying: ** the winter semester 31 January

** Finance: ** Bachelor program students pay about 170 €, masters over 220 €, PhD about 340 €, medical students or students techniques apply about 500 €, private schools tuition fee from € 3,000 to € 10,000 per annum .

** Other: ** If you are applying to the first year of college, you have to go through post-secondary admission process on the Internet („Admission post-bac,“ APB), as well as all French candidates for the study.

** Www: **

=== Nordic countries

** Until when are you applying: ** Denmark – 15 March, Norway – 1 March, Finland – 15 February, Sweden – 16 January (winter semester) or 16 August (summer semester)

** Finance: ** in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland has students from EU free

=== US

** Until when are you applying: ** each school has different deadlines, application form, you should send about 10 months before the deadline, you are able to take care of all formalities

** Finance: ** from $ 5,000 to $ 25,000 per year

** Other: ** Do not forget to „Fulbright Scholarship“: http: //www.vysokes­ and verify that your chosen university does not require language tests

Www **: ** „USA Study Guide“: http: //www.usastudy­­.html

** Most of the information, terms or also need to compare the amount of fees can be found on „this page“: http: //www.studyine­**

** Sources: ** „Study in Europe“ website: //www.studyine­, „Eurodesks“: http: // Pid = 79 # A% 29% 20% 20% 20Obecn % C3% A9% 20informace% 20o% 20studiu

** Source photos: **

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