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Czech is fun! says a student of Slavic studies from Spain Added:23.12. 2011
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Czech is fun! says a student of Slavic studies from Spain

Czech Republic are frequently subject to students from around the world. Proof of its attractiveness for foreign students is twenty-five Spaniard Patricia Monge, which this year focuses on English Palacky University in Olomouc. How to study in the Czech Republic handles?

Slavistik studying in Spain. What brought you to her?

In fact, I have no particular reason. Originally I studied economics, but in the second year, I realized that I do not enjoy. I decided to start with something completely different. Slavic studies attracted me a lot because I love literature and in this field we have read many books.

You were in the Czech Republic before? What drew you here?

First it was literature, what attracted me here. Around the age of thirteen I read Lesser Town Tales from Jan Neruda, and I'm attracted. Then when I started to learn Czech, had I wanted to come here. Two years ago I was on Erasmus in Prague, where I studied at Charles University, Czech for foreigners. And now I'm here in Manchester.

Do you like it here? Perhaps I ask too when you return to the Czech …

Of course, I like it here, Olomouc fascinated me directly! I enjoy my life Czech – feel like a foreigner and also understand what people say.

Do you sometimes difficult to make a deal?

Sure, every day I have a problem. But I try to understand and I am trying to make others understand me. I think that if someone wants to be able to communicate.

How different university teaching from teaching here in Spain?

The biggest difference is that, at Czech universities for graduation must write a thesis. In Spain there is no such need, simply complete all courses and Master of you. Moreover, for us it is not compulsory school attendance, but each subject is concluded with an exam. The local system suits me but more because developing projects rather than take exams.

What do you enjoy most at school?

Czech for Foreigners generally is fun because her students come from different countries and everyone (including me) want to speak Czech.

What are you doing here most trouble?

Certainly negotiations with the authorities, for example, when I was working on a bank account. And talking in English.

How do you accept Czech classmates?

Generally, I can say that I was accepted well. I have written in one subject, which is called Translation exercises, and translating texts there from Spanish into Czech. My classmates said that never in this course Spanish.

How do you spend your free time here?

Travel the Czech Republic, read books, I like to walk with friends or even alone. But I spend most of their time at home with roommates.

What are your plans for the future study?

This year might finish Slavic Studies in Granada, but so far it is not certain yet I in June to do one exam. Then I wanted to study in Olomouc, Czech studies, taught here in the Czech Republic in Spanish and translated.

Note. The success of Patricia studies evidenced by the fact that this whole interview was conducted in English.

Author: Michael Doubravová, editorial colleague

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