Training of youth exchanges this time in the Czech Republic Added:21.12. 2011
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Training of youth exchanges this time in the Czech Republic

International training for youth exchanges ** ** BiTriMulti will be held in the Czech Republic on ** 21st until March 25, 2012 **. ** ** The application deadline for this training is ** 10th January 2012 **.

Training is focused on youth exchanges ** **. In the training you will learn how to prepare international youth exchanges, and try to even ** practical training international exchange through simulation activities in an international environment **.

BiTriMulti (Bi-bilateral, trilateral Tri-Multi-multilateral exchange) is a type of international training course that has been developed over a decade ago and gradually improved so as to prepare the first demands of international exchanges on the implementation of the project.

** Participants will be paid accommodation and meals **, Czech National Youth Agency will reimburse Czech participants also travel. The fee for the training is CZK 600, CZK 300 for students.

** ** An application can submit an online ** ** on „this page“: http: //­to/login/? Pfad = / mySALTO / applicationonline / 768 /.

** ** For detailed information, refer to the „pdf dokumentu“:…nts_2010.pdf.

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