The second round at the Institute of Art and Design Added:7.1. 2012
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The second round at the Institute of Art and Design

If you missed registration for the current aptitude tests „Institute of Art and Design“: http: // in Pilsen, you have a second chance. For unsuccessful applicants for study at IAD, but anyone interested, the opportunity of the second round. ** Admissions ** will ** 27th until March 30, 2012 **. ** ** Applications to undergraduate courses must be submitted to the ** 28th February 2012 **.

The next round was announced because of the extension of accreditation of bachelor programs IAD in the extended structure. The second time, you can report on all undergraduate courses except design, graphic design metals and jewelery.

** Talent ** entrance examination will consist of two parts. In the first applicants submit admissions committee portfolio with his artistic work. Selected candidates in the second round will carry out practical tasks. The main emphasis in the selection of talented candidates put Institute of Art and Design at the inventiveness, creativity and originality of ideas. This gives a great chance of success and applicants who have not artistically oriented high school. This approach allows you to discover talents that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Author: Hruška, Jan

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