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Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava celebrates 15 years !! Added:26.1. 2012
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Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava celebrates 15 years !!

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Faculty of Civil Engineering VSB-Technical University of Ostrava this year celebrates 15 years since its founding. Established in 1997, the Building Trades Department, which operated at the Faculty of Mining and Geology VSB-TU Ostrava both the pedagogic and scientific for many decades. The emergence of the Faculty of Civil can be considered as a logical outcome of the long-term development of building disciplines at the Technical University of Ostrava.

In late 1995, he began construction industry Moravian-Silesian region feel the shortage of engineers. Not only the city of Ostrava, as well as all professional building organizations of the region, representatives of the largest design and various in unions and management Czech Mining Administration, turned to writing, Rector of VSB-TU Ostrava with an urgent request for the establishment of a faculty building schools. Project establishment of this faculty in Ostrava was well received and the general technical community. "Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava educates students in fields that are fully compatible with the disciplines taught at other faculties of construction in the Czech Republic and abroad. Fields addition respect regional specificities and needs of the industrial region, such as. Need to revitalize the areas affected by mining, construction and geotechnical activities in mining, conversion of industrial buildings, residences, et al., "Says Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB-TUO prof. Ing. Darja Kubečková Skulinová, Ph.D.

For 15 years, the faculty has achieved great development in all areas of its activities. In the educational sphere, creating new disciplines, such as engineering disciplines Environment. Preparation and construction, building structures lectured in Czech and English, industrial and building construction, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Facility Management. Science has established a three-tier system of education in accordance with the Bologna Declaration, the right to confer academic degrees Bc., Ing. Ing. Arch., Ph.D., and has the right to carry out habilitation and professorship procedures in the field of theory and design of buildings. In the field of science and research, the Faculty has participated in numerous domestic and international projects and research projects, established a number of international contacts and participated in international programs that promote international mobility of students and teachers. Considerable boom experienced faculty in drawing funds from the European Structural Funds, which contributed to the innovation possibilities degree programs and courses, and equipment enable faculty instrumentation. Successfully developing cooperation within the cluster initiatives, including cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian timber cluster and the Moravian-Silesian energy cluster. Interest in studying at the Faculty of Civil evidenced by the number of students who are admitted to the faculty to study. Since the start of faculty, their number increased fivefold.

Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava organized as part of celebrations of the 15th anniversary of Thursday, January 26, 2012 in the Auditorium of VSB-TUO ceremonial session of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which are not only invited faculty employees, but especially distinguished guests from cooperating universities and major construction companies in the region. For those interested excursion is ready to Michal mine and also a gala evening at the Hotel Park Inn.

The quality of teaching at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB-TUO evidenced by a number of successful students who have received numerous awards for their diploma work or for extraordinary contributions to conferences. Faculty building is renovated wheelchair accessible and offers the possibility of higher education to disabled students

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