Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources Added:26.1. 2012
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Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources

** Czech Agricultural University in Prague **

Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources opens every year a wide range of Bachelor ** ** (graduate earns the title Bc.) And Master ** ** (graduate earns the title Ing.) Degree programs and courses. ** ** Study at the faculty based on a long tradition University and currently applying modern teaching methods in classical agricultural fields and in fields focused on the issues of processing, quality and economics of food production and other raw materials, waste utilization, landscape management and environment, organization development and revitalization of rural areas. Significantly develop the possibilities of studying farming interests and exotic animals.

[* * 1.jpg]

Faculty is housed in a beautiful enclosed grounds ** ** with extensive a park 10 minutes by public transport from the metro station Dejvická and 20 minutes from the city center. On campus students will find both modern ** lecture halls, laboratories, computer labs, study and information center with extensive library and reading rooms **, demonstration and experimental work, and smaller, dormitory ** ** sports complex including a swimming pool and * * Riding Club **, and student clubs.

Science opens new attractive fields of study. Great interest is primarily on undergraduate degree courses focused on breeding hobby and exotic animals – ** Special breeds, Kynologie, Breeding horses **, ** so the field Zoorehabilitace and assistance activities with animals **. Interest is also focused on the fields of specialization as ** gardening Gardening, Gardening and landscaping **, programs focusing on human nutrition ** (Nutrition and Food and Food Quality) ** and ** Organic farming field **. For each field of Science creates appropriate conditions, both the selection of qualified teachers and experienced professionals, so use your own experimental facilities ** (Centre for Research on the behavior of dogs, Dendrology park, demonstration and experimental work – stable, field, modern greenhouses, etc. **. ).

The Faculty also offers undergraduate courses taught in English – Sustainable Use of Nature Resources and Agriculture and Food.

By focusing the faculty of the leading European institutions, is a member of the prestigious organization ELLS (Euroleague for Life Science), which brings together seven European universities, collaborate in fields of food and management of natural resources, agricultural and forestry sciences, veterinary, environmental and life sciences. Students are thus offers a wide variety of foreign exchange and study visits.

** D nyotev of en ý chdve of s ** Open Days take place on 20 FAPPZ 1 to 21 1st 2012. Deans and for studies you clearly present the possibility to study at the faculty and also answer all your questions and comments.

** T erm nodevzd s io n s p of IHL and S ekkestudiu – 31. 3. 2012 ** Application form can be found at „here“: http: //prijimacky.czu­.cz/. The fee for registration is 1 550, – CZK.

** P ij of S MAC F DRIVING ** Control of knowledge takes the form of a written test (biology or chemistry and biology according to the selected field of study). Is taken into account the result of leaving examination (see „established criteria“: http: //www.af.czu.cz/cs/? R = 560 & di = 8221). In 2012, admissions to undergraduate courses take place from 19 to 22 sixth In winter, the Faculty organizes ** preparatory course high school biology and chemistry **. For further questions do not hesitate to contact our academic departments. Contacts can be found „here“: http: //wp.czu.cz/cs/in­dex.php/? R = 1071 & mp = person.info & idClovek = 1910th

The Open Day was held „at the end of January“: http: //www.af.czu.cz/cs/? R = 619 & i = 12,203th

** We offer more ** ** We are not just a number ** ** We offer individual approach to student **

** Study ** At the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources is introduced complete a three-tier education system enabling permeability and continuity of study within universities not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout the European Union. High school graduates are accepted into the three-year bachelor's degree programs and after their completion may continue in successive two-year master's programs. The difficulty of subjects studied and the program of study is rated credits (ECTS), which will study and compare the difficulty to realize the mobility of students during their studies. Bachelor's and master's degree is completed with a state final examination in which the student before the commission defends his work (bachelor, master) and consists tests of complex subjects. Graduates of bachelor programs will receive the degree of Bachelor (Bc.), Master the engineer (Ing.).

„The list of branches“: http: //www.af.czu.cz/cs/? R = 584 ** bachelor's and master's degree **.

** Photos campus **

** Lecture hall **

** ** Laboratory

** Computer labs, study and information center with extensive library and reading rooms **  

** Sports Complex **

** Riding Club **

** Special breeds, Kynologie, horses, Zoorehabilitace and assistance activities with animals, gardening, garden and landscaping, Nutrition and Food, Quality Food, Organic Agriculture ** „Information about the study – Brochure“: http: //dl.webcore.czu­.cz/file/blRCbkFzV­HFseXc9

** ** Zoorehabilitace

** Center for Canine Behavior Research **

** Dendrology park **

** The demonstration and experimental work – stable, field, modern greenhouses **  

** Preparatory course high school biology and chemistry ** For those interested in the summer semester preparatory course organized high school biology and chemistry. The course is implemented in teaching 5 days (Saturdays 4. 2., 7. 4., 28. 4., 19. 5., 26. 5. 2012). The course fee is 1500 CZK, the price for one item CZK 900, the price for a single consultation of the course is 200 CZK (payment on the spot only). More information – Study Department tel. 224384668th ** ** Entries to the preparatory course must be submitted to 27. 1. 2012. Thematic units for creating questions for the entrance exams to master's degree. To prepare for entrance exams can be used publications: Model questions for the entrance exam of chemistry at CUA CUA (price 80 CZK) Model questions for the entrance exam in biology at CUA CUA (price 70 CZK), which can be obtained at the study department CUA (no. D. 112).

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