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Brno in March will enliven the film - MFF CINEMA MUNDI is back! Added:1.2. 2012
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Brno in March will enliven the film - MFF CINEMA MUNDI is back!

Press news

Juicy films from all over the world since going back to the Moravian metropolis. Third IFF CINEMA MUNDI will take place from 29 February to 7 March at Cinema City Big Chap and at Lucerna. Viewers can look forward to dozens of „Oscar“ films, film side sections, meetings with stars from the world of film and a rich accompanying program.

OPENING MFF CINEMA MUNDI The opening ceremony of the International Film Festival CINEMA MUNDI will be held on Wednesday, February 29 at Liberty Square and Big Spalícek the presence of the patron saint festival ** ** Bolek Polivka and other distinguished guests. Festival kicks off ** ** exclusive preview of the British drama biopic The Iron Lady * * (* The Iron Lady *, Phyllida Lloyd, 2011). In the film she played the title role of Margaret Thatcher's famous politician, actress Meryl Streep, who for this role received a Golden Globe Award and in all probability will also receive an Oscar (ed. – Already in her third). The second inaugural screening, which will be open to the public, is likely to become a legendary film ** ** Jan Hřebejk * * We Fall (2000). Projections should personally attend film director with delegations, who will share their own experiences of struggle for an Oscar (ed. – Film in 2001 was among the narrowest nominees in the category of Best Foreign Language Film). ** ** A detailed program launch, including all guests will be published in the next press release.

MAIN film section The main film section, which will be held from Thursday to Sunday in the Big Staddle traditionally offers the assembly of the best films of the past year, competing for the nomination for the prestigious film award Oscar ** ** ** in the category of Best Foreign Language Film **. The concept of the festival over the previous year underwent a partial program innovations. In the main section of the film, which will be mainly concentrated in the first half of the festival, are currently included in three dozen films and more intensively negotiating with distributors. A large part of these films will be presented in the Czech Republic ** ** premiere or even as their only ** ** cinema projection.

  • The decisive criterion for selecting the films main film section is primarily their quality, interest and uniqueness, but also plays a role in the availability of film prints. This year we decided to abandon the current program model territorial division according continents. Each day of the festival will thus be varied mixture of films from different parts of the world. * (Luke Skupa dramaturg)

Viewers can already look forward to the Iranian film * Nader and Simin * (* Jodaeiye Nader az Simin , Asghar Farhadi, 2011), which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film and is also a great an Oscar favorite. Film delicacy will surely Peruvian snapshot * October * ( * Octubre, Daniel and Diego Vega, 2010) received an award at the Cannes Film Festival or the latest work of renowned Japanese director Kaneto Shindo * Postcard * (* Ichimai no Hagaki * 2010), dozens prices Spanish-winning historical drama * Brown bread * (* * Panegre, Agustí Villaronga, 2010) and many others. In addition to the festival hits and works by leading and already known filmmakers will be space devoted to the titles from countries whose cinema Czech audiences are not familiar with, but definitely worth seeing. Miss would not let the example Cuban film Habanastation * * (* * Havanastation, Ian Padrón, 2011) or Vietnam image * The Prince and the Pagoda Boy * (* Khat Vong Thang Long *, Luu Trong Ninh, 2010).

** A detailed program of films including ** ** ** list of all the guests will be published in the next press release. Recently we have been discussing, for example, on the participation of Bulgarian, Serbian and Vietnamese delegation.

ADDITIONAL SECTION Film is not only fun, but also an interesting learning. This idea is also reflected in dramaturgical concept accompanying film program CINEMA MUDNI. After last year's successful attempt Romanian and Russian movies, we decided to continue the extended presentations ** cinema one specific geographic territories **, who has a year of their representatives also in the main program section. This year will be part of the program ** ** Baltic States. After the experience of previous years will be part of the program ** ** significantly extended in time and adapted to collide ** ** projections „Oscar“ films. Screenings will therefore be classified mainly into the second half of the festival.

  • "We want to focus primarily on cinema is an interesting development, which is not domestic festival community reflected in more detail. This is the case of the Baltic cinematography, the specifics will introduce this year. Although the images of Northern Europe enjoyed lasting popularity, filmmaking from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the Czech Republic is still virtually unknown. Yet it promotes the new generation of filmmakers (Veiko Õunpuu, Jaak Kilmi, Šarūnas Bartas, Kristina Buozyte, Alexander Hahn and others), which is gradually gaining these cinematography international reputation. * (Luke Skupa dramaturg).

How does the Baltic production in the context of international film trends, to what extent domestic film draws on traditions, or how the creators of coping with the communist past of their own countries, visitors can see in the collection ** ** approximately twenty films from „post-socialist era.“ Particularly interesting for spectators may be, for example, images * Slipper * (* * Kurpaty, Laila Pakalnina, 1998), which in Latvia reputation as one of the best home movies, or Estonian * Class * (* * Klass, Ilmar Raag, 2007) awards, including others, also at Karlovy Vary. ** Exclusive ** Czech premiere will be in Brno tragicomedy * Return Sergeant Lapina * (* Sergeant Lapina atgriesanas *, Gatis Smits, 2010), which was originally to represent Latvia in this year's Oscar-winning contest. Still negotiating the introduction of films Sarunas Bartas, the most significant contemporary director of this territory. The projections Baltic shots also prepare thematic ** ** accompanying program.

The films offered this year will culminate traditional choice the best of the Oscars and the Czech Lions 2012. Awarded home movies should come personally introduce viewers also some of their creators.

In collaboration with Nova Cinema TV ** ** (this year's main media partner) and by BIOSCOP ** ** we prepare for festival audiences a special surprise associated with ** exclusive preview of the Czech film ** * * wake up yesterday (Miroslav Šmídmajer, 2011 ). Film Week conclude traditionally solemn proclamation ** Prices MFF CINEMA MUNDI ** student awarded by the jury.

Cooperation with the university Festival continues to work closely with ** ** Masaryk University, especially with the Faculty of Arts. Continuation and expansion of cooperation with students from schools in Brno consider it one of the strategic objectives, which further deepens the basic concept of the festival related to education and learning. He remains evident not only in the programming concept CINEMA MUNDI, but also in terms of its practical organization ** **. Students translate subtitles ** ** k festival images, preparing lectures ** ** introductions and within their school practice, gaining valuable experience in organizing and ensuring the everyday running of the festival. Students also forms ** ** expert jury that decides the awards MFF CINEMA MUNDI.

  • "The most striking particularity CINEMA MUNDI still paying close connections with students in Brno, thus the concept of cognition, of which we are trying to have the program concept deepens. With students count as an important segment of the audience and at the same time are widely used in the preparation and organization of the festival. They therefore offers not only the possibility of learning through the festival films, but also gaining valuable experience in a practical course of the festival. "* (Luke Skupa dramaturg)

TICKETS ** ** Admission prices remain the same as last year – basic ticket costs 99 CZK ** ** reduced admission for students and seniors 79 CZK ** **. Festival pass (4 + 1 Free) ** ** CZK 396, with discounts for students and seniors CZK 316 ** **. Presale will start in the second half of February (the exact date we will inform you via a short press release). For more detailed information and updates will be posted on and Facebook fan page…291649498854.

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