Foreign universities in Prague Added:6.2. 2012
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Foreign universities in Prague

Foreign languages ​​are currently valued not only for travel, but also job search. One of the ways to improve them, is very different fields of study at universities abroad. The following article is devoted to such schools in Prague, but you can also look forward to an article about schools outside Prague.

In the capital, the most frequently foreign private schools, focusing on trade, business, law or international relations. The following list to learn about specific schools, their programs, school and study claims.

Anglo-American University

One of the first foreign schools in the Czech Republic was ** Anglo-American University **, which offers students a choice of many fields of study in both Bachelor and Master study program. * * For admission to undergraduate programs, candidates must meet several requirements. Above all, they must have completed secondary education, a certificate of proficiency in the English language (TOEFL, FCE, CAE, IELTS, IB). Furthermore, candidates must demonstrate the application of your resume, two letters of recommendation and an essay. If you do not have any of the above mentioned certificates can be conditionally admitted to the study – certificate either add or undergo an annual intensive course to Anglo-American University. Conditions for admission to Master's programs are similar, however, in addition to school-leaving certificate, candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree in studio.

  • * Tuition and fees for tuition varies by stage of university studies and also depending on whether you are studying full-time or remotely. * Daily attendance comes bachelors to 360 000 CZK, masters 276 000 CZK. Distance learning is a bit cheaper – Bachelor pay a total of 240 000 CZK and the municipalities of CZK 184,000. *

Anglo-American University also offers various scholarships * and discounts on tuition *, the actual amount depends on various factors – for social status, length of study, study results, etc. Specific information provided scholarships can be found in „this link“: http: //www.aauni.e­du/pages/scho­larships-aau.

Among the undergraduate programs, after graduation, graduates obtain the title ** Bachelor of Arts (BA) ** include: * Business Administration, Business Administration: Strategic Marketing, Business Administration: Marketing and Communications, Humanities, Society and Culture, Politics and Society, Politics and Society: Jewish Studies, Central and East European Studies, International Relations, Journalism and Communication, LLB (Bachelor of Law) *. Among graduate programs, after graduation, graduates obtain the title ** Master of Arts (MA) ** include: * MBA, Business and Law in International Markets, MA in Quantitative Asset and Risk Management, Humanities, Public Policy, International Relations and Diplomacy , LLM (Master of Law). *

Anglo-American University also offers career counseling, both through internships and through personal training.

More information about the school and individual fields, refer to „“: http: //

University of New York in Prague

University of New York in Prague (UNYP) operating in Prague since 1998. It focuses primarily on teaching business, communications, IT technology, literature, psychology and international relations. At this university, which is recognized by higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad, can be obtained * Bachelor's degree, master's degree and an MBA. *

Students * * bachelor's degree can choose from three types of studies. They can opt for European Studies * *, which is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and after which receives a BA degree. They can also opt for American Studies * * which is a four-year accredited "State University of New York, Empire State College ": http: //­conline/online2­.nsf/ESChome.html. The last option is the following * two * combine study and graduate American studies, which in the end, students completed the state exam in the Czech type.

UNYP offers the following undergraduate programs ** **: * Business Administration, Communication and Mass Media, International Economic Relations, Psychology, IT Management, English Language and Literature. *

After completing a master's degree students receive the title Master of Arts ** **. Studying can be in these programs: * Professional Communications and Public Relations, Clinical-Counseling Psychology, and International Commercial Law *.

Study ** ** MBA programs take place on weekends and prepares students for their future careers and corporate leadership positions, especially in companies engaged in business, management and marketing. More about MBA studies at UNYP see the „here“: http: //

  • Applicants * in addition to undergraduate programs must submit a properly completed application cover letter to 400 words translated a proven record of graduating from high school, a letter of recommendation and proof of English language proficiency (in the form of internationally recognized certificates, respectively. Candidates must pass an entrance test English for entry to UNYP). After completing the first round of the admission procedure, the candidates will participate in the interview * still * in which mainly demonstrate their motivation to learn. Conditions for admission to Master's programs are similar, with the MBA program, however, requires at least three years of experience in the field. In addition to meeting all requirements, candidates must also pass an interview and demonstrate good knowledge of the English language.
  • * Fees to UNYP unfold according to the level and type of study. * Bachelor study released 440 000–550 000 CZK. Master's degree is dependent on the type of program: MA in Professional Communications and Public Relations works out to 220,000 CZK, MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology-worth a total of 350 000 CZK and MA in International and Commercial Law pay 225 000 CZK. MBA study is based on a total of 325 000 CZK. * UNYP course also offers a variety of scholarships and discounts on fees.

More information about the school and individual fields, refer to „“: http: //

==== Prague College

British College in Prague offers a choice of several programs at three different institutes or faculties: * Business, Art & Design and IT & Computing *. In these schools, candidates may choose from a bachelor or master courses which are accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, but the titles are also recognized in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Studies are conducted in English. During her studies, students participate in real projects of international companies, which often find future employment.

At the School of Business ** ** You can get these titles: * three-year BA International Management *, which builds * MSc International Management (Master of Science) *, which is aimed at already working students, and it is also tailored to the style of teaching – lectures usually take place in the evenings and on weekends. It is also possible to study at Prague College so-called * Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business *, which is two years and may it continue undergraduate studies. Its content practically corresponds to the first two years of the bachelor degree.

** School of Art and Design ** offers the following levels of study: * * HND Grafic Design, from which you can assign to Grafic Design * BA *, a * HND Interactive Media * (new media), after which you can continue * BA Fine Art Experimental Media *. Bachelor degree course can attend alone, ie. Without studying the Higher National Diploma. School of Art and Design collaborates with various designer and designer firms and companies and offers practical application during the study period.

** School of Computing and IT ** can also be studied at three levels: * HND in Computing, BSc in Computing and MSc in Computing. *

  • Admissions * starts informative interview, on the basis of which will evaluate student advisor (together with the candidate) degree program that is most suitable for them. The most important part of the admission procedure is a final interview with the teacher who is interested in the Czech Republic takes place on a personal level directly in Prague Prague College. For admission candidates need a completed application form, proof of educational attainment, confirmation of attaining a degree in English Language and cover letter.
  • * Tuition at Prague College varies from 100 * 000 to 200 * 000 CZK. Everything depends on the type and field of study. On the website you will find schools „simple table“: http: //www.pragueco­­ni/skolne that informs the individual prices.

More information about the school and individual fields, refer to „www.pragueco­“: http: //www.pragueco­

English Business School (British Business College)

Academy of Business and Business Institute offers bachelor's degree * international *. This is the first part of a two-year study form * Higher National Diploma (HND) *, after which students may continue * annual online study terminated BA degree * in collaboration with foreign universities. The study can be completed in Czech or English language. Among the subjects taught at HND include Principles of Economics, Financial Resource Management, Corporate Culture, Marketing Principles, Legal Aspects of Business, Decision-making processes in the enterprise, marketing planning, psychology and more.

  • * For acceptance into the international bachelor's degree at the British Business College, candidates must attain 18 years of age and demonstrate knowledge of English at the school-leaving examination (certificate of secondary education, a job interview, the results of national comparative tests).
  • Price HND studies at 49 000 CZK per semester in full-time study, 37 000 CZK per semester in distance learning. * The price includes tuition, course materials, optional languages ​​in addition, unrestricted access to the Internet and professors office hours.

More information about the school and individual fields, refer to „“: http: //www.oapraha­.cz/anglicka-skola.

University of Northern Virginia Prague

Studies at the University of Northern Virginia Prague (UNVA) can be obtained titles * Bachelor's and Master's level (BBA and MBA) *.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) * prepares students for management positions in the private and voluntary sectors at both the national and international levels. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc IT) is also focused on governance and management, but specializes in a variety of technological and computer processes and management systems.
  • Master of Business Administration program (MBA) * prepares students for a future career executives and Managing workers in a global environment. Students can choose from several specializations: finance, marketing, management and project management.
  • Studies undergraduate program students will come to around 378 000 CZK for the entire study *. Revenue is needed for strong motivation and good command of English, both of which are reviewed during an oral interview. * Master's degree worth altogether about 276 500 CZK. * Conditions for admission are the same as in the bachelor's degree, however, applicants must submit proof of completion of a bachelor degree.

More information about the school and individual fields, refer to „“: http: //

Other foreign university in Prague:

  • „London School of Business and Finance Prague“: http: //
  • „Institute for Financial Management and Indsutrial“: http: //

Besides these schools can be in Prague to study in a foreign language at different Czech schools. For example, an example * Anglophone Studies (Bc., Mgr.) * And * International Relations and European Studies (Bc., Mgr.) * On „Metropolitan University Prague“: http: // University of Economics, Prague offers a „master's degree in English“: http: //­tegorie.php? IDkat = 3488 or „MBA studies in francouzštině“:…ses-mae-mba/.

** Sources: ** websites of the schools

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