Etiquette and dining for future managers Added:21.2. 2012
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Etiquette and dining for future managers

„Tomas Bata Foundation“: http: // prepare students for „Tomas Bata University“: http: // unique hands-on course etiquette and table. During the three lessons, students will learn the principles of proper introductions, addressing, telephony, dress, speech. In the field of gastronomy pass culinary concepts, dining, eg. Hold cutlery, napkins, use, holding glasses, distribution and tasting. The course ends with a banquet, at which students verify in practice newly acquired social skills. Detailed „course schedule“: http: //­TIKETA.pdf.

Course for a maximum of twenty participants begins at Thursday, March 1, 2012 from 18:00. The next lesson will follow 8 and 15 March 2012. The price is set at 360 CZK. The money is used to cover food and beverages. On-line „application“: http: //­lEtik.html

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Author: Hruška, Jan

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