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Career counseling can also help adults Added:23.3. 2012
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Career counseling can also help adults

Everyone one can get into a situation where it finds that would like to improve his position or the direction in which the studies published after is simply not the right one. Then may therefore turn to the labor office, search ads with job offers, look around retraining or think about further study … or take advantage of career counseling. (NB .: The article was updated on 11. 12. 2013. (LC))

Career counseling adults in our country does have a long tradition, but it is far from being an official term. His status nor practical operation are nowhere legally or structurally embedded, so it usually takes place in the intentions of private organizations or associations. The basis for their formation is often aware of how difficult it can be for someone who, say, after several years spent in the same position they lose their job, finding a new job. The entire guidance system is very fragmented. * „The state is in the adequate respect behaves similarly as in adult education. So: I still myself, how can you, you're an adult. While there are counseling on labor offices, also known as citizen's advice, counseling at schools, some educational institutions for their clients and companies for their employees. But when, where and what the problem go? This idea is often not very educated people – and therefore the system and its subsequent communication so crucial, "comments * general ambivalence current form of career counseling with us and ** ** Thomas Langer, vice president and executive director of the Association of Adult Education of the Czech Republic. * "In doing so, it is enough to look beyond and found many examples of good work: counseling network device cooperating with each other, to inform the donor and the clients according to their needs,“ * says.

What is important is the emphasis on self-

However, just from the nature of things: any institution dealing with consultancy bearing fruit – and education are affected equally. * "Well done counseling can prevent what now commonly occurs is that most graduates of various levels of education goes to work in areas outside the originally chosen field of study. In adults, the situation is similar, with original qualifications have almost nobody not last a lifetime. It is therefore necessary to continually develop their knowledge and skills in accordance with the development of the industry, "* says Langer.

Reasons for continuing education? Maybe the pressure of employers

Expert advice on career counseling often require even people who do work for some time, but feel that the choice of their study missed with a vision of their future profession. But when they decide to change, he finds that he somehow „lost the thread“ and the current offer courses or degree system is incomprehensible to them. The decision to re-educate may be completely different, not entirely internally-led motives. * "The typical reason for going back to school is coercion by the employer. In quite a few professions are gradually increasing demands for qualified workers – where before graduation enough, you need a Masters, where he could graduate specialist needed is a bachelor's degree, "* says Langer.

=== Offer is wide

To these requests by employers react flexibly and offer studies. The possibilities for so-called. „Lifelong learning“: http: //www.vysokes­­micky-slovnik/heslo/ce­lozivotni-vzdelavani-2 and „Universities of the Third Age“: http: //www.vysokes­ University-the third-age, and also the opportunity to study a „combined“: http: //www.vysokes­­micky-slovnik/heslo/kom­binovane-studium-2 or „distance“: http: //www.vysokes­ academically-dictionary / password / spacer-learning is becoming more and more common. At the same time, the structure grows „retraining“: http: //www.vysokes­­valifikacni-kurzy-jistotu-nenabidnou-nadeji-ano, which follow the trends emerging fields of activity. But the offer is already so diverse that, as was pointed out and Langer, choose a new profession, and it may not be correct retraining without expert advice always easy and the expert advice in this situation may play a significant role. It now provides a wide range of commercial and non-profit companies and organizations.

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