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Prominent economists are returning to the PEF MENDELU Added:28.3. 2012
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Prominent economists are returning to the PEF MENDELU

Press news

Another extraordinary opportunity to meet and discuss with world-renowned economists will have during the year 2012 at the Faculty of Economics, Mendel University in Brno (PEF) not only students, but also the general public. It will focus primarily on the current economic situation in the Czech Republic and the EU. The first guest will be Tomas Sedlacek, Pavel Kohout and Marek Malik.

Already on Friday, 30. 3. 2012 will perform at PEF economist Tomas Sedlacek, who is considered the fifth most important macroeconomist in the world (a fellow Yale University, who in 2006 made its Yale Economic Review ranked among the top five promising young economists' Young Guns: 5 Hot Minds in Economics "), he worked as an adviser to President Vaclav Havel, the Minister of Finance or also in the National Economic Council (NERV). In his lectures and discussions always took his listeners pertinent comparisons, which is relatively difficult economic problems led approach every listener.

Respected analyst Pavel Kohout will be the second guest, who meets with students on April 23. A founder of the Institute for Politics and economics, also worked in the National Economic Council (NERV) and is now a member of the expert advisory group to the Minister of Finance pension reform (PES). During the lecture will focus on expected developments in the euro area and the impact on financial markets and public finance. Consequently, there will Marek Malik, who currently works as a project director at Jet Investment. Marek Malik will focus on examples of how financial markets work in practice and how they connect with the real economy. Will be based on examples from the period of the global financial crisis, when he worked at Deutsche Bank in London.

  • „I'm glad to us experts from various fields to return. Even this may be evidence that these discussions are beneficial not only for students but also for themselves, "* said prof. Ing. Jana Stávková, PhD., Dean of the Faculty. * "Tomas Sedlacek here, for example, spoke with Pavel Kohout and Miroslav Kalousek, during the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the faculty and meeting with students still remember them“ * adds Dean Stávková.

All discussions are open to both students and academics, but also traditionally the general public.

For PR department PEF Ing. Jiri Urbanek

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