Special O Field: Scandinavian Studies Added:7.5. 2012
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Special O Field: Scandinavian Studies

Two or three of the world's major languages ​​you already know and want to specialize differently? Wondering area of ​​the Scandinavian Peninsula? Let's see how the Czech Republic are studying Scandinavian languages ​​- such as Norwegian or Swedish.

** Scandinavian and its application **

If you like old Norse legend, and the area of ​​the Scandinavian Peninsula, Scandinavian studies may be right for you. It is the study of the language and culture of Sweden and Norway, where appropriate (for it is more ingrained notion of „Scandinavian“). Both languages ​​are very similar. Conversely completely different Finnish, although Finland on map Scandinavian Peninsula also belongs. If you would like headed right into the Finnish area, will you be interested in more or Finnish Finno-Ugric studies.

For example, while most French far does not speak English at a good level and knowledge of French may be the only way to francophone culture, most Swedes and Norwegians can do excellent English. Yet these courses are not quite so without applying – graduates ‚Scandinavian‘ disciplines to tackle a community cultural, commercial and political. To apply the necessary publishing house, in diplomacy, media, cultural institutions or in translation.

** Where and which branch to choose **

Scandinavian and her related courses you can study only two places in the Czech Republic – Brno on „the Masaryk University“: http: //phil.muni.cz and in Prague „Charles University“: http: // www .ff.cuni.cz. On pure Scandinavian Studies can just go to Brno – is a relatively new bachelor's degree, which has only this year, its first graduates. At the same time opens first master degree. Although the name field is „Scandinavian Studies“, you will find only deal with Swedish – Norwegian only marginally. Charles University then you can study a three-year bachelor's degree or Swedish Norwegian study (and therefore the Swedish or Norwegian) and master Scandinavian branch. In Prague, the first of these courses were taught as a five-year Master, but they currently only catching up and will no longer be opened.

** Admission Test **

In Brno is adopted in the field based on the Learning Potential Test a „departmental“ test: http: //www.phil.mu­ni.cz/german/Stu­dium/prijma_Skan­dS.htm on required reading. Knowledge of the language is required. Charles University, according to information the school admissions process is not currently listed – should be monitored „University website“: http: //is.cuni.cz/stu­dium/podprij/.

** The degree **

As in all fields of philological studies is filling only the language, but also courses on history, culture and literature of the Scandinavian countries – Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. If you are indeed just about learning another foreign language, go to study rather different branch and Swedish or Norwegian to learn the language school – will make it so much easier for you.

** Swedish to German studies **

It is so. If you go to study German language at the Philosophical Faculty, you may find that you need to complete two or four semesters Swedish. It is among the Germanic languages ​​and the need to have some insight, as well as Swedish'll have to handle semester Norwegian or Danish.

** ** Opinion graduates

Michaela Křečková (21) is one of the first graduates of Scandinavian Studies at Masaryk University. Bachelor study just completing this semester. This is the experience of learning:

"The study does not consider to be so demanding. Thus, it is a new field, a lot of things being created and the students have a big impact on how the study will look. Sami example creates online courses, which will then make their classmates. As a result, students have incredible opportunities. For example, we created a Swedish school choir, which now has about eighty members and organizes various concerts. Created by the theater group, we rehearsed the play and we went with her to the festival in Sweden. Students themselves creates different projects. We also had the opportunity to broadcast in Swedish Student Radio R, which operates on the FSS; Originally it was within one optional course. Kurz later disappeared, but still broadcast, because the show was a success. All language courses taught us one teacher, Swedish. It is truly amazing and is the soul of the entire field – without it, everything looked completely different.

Branch to me at the beginning was quite good, but gradually creates, acquires some final features and a perspective for the future. One would have to go there if it is really interested in Scandinavia and wants to dedicate more than a need within the school. I think I gave it a great learning opportunities, and to a large extent also endeavor of the students themselves. "

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Photo Source: Nela Wurmová

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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