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Nanomaterials in the perspective of foreign lecturers at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice Added:30.4. 2012
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Nanomaterials in the perspective of foreign lecturers at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice

Press news

Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice successfully continues its series of lectures of prominent international experts. This time coming professors from universities in the Netherlands and Germany. Students get acquainted with nanomaterials.

Over the next fortnight and faculty will discuss in detail ** on research and significant applications of nanomaterials super hard and nanolayers for super fast (femtosecond) ** memory. In two sections will present Professor Bart Kooi ** of ** University of Groningen in Holland, and Professor Stan Veprek ** ** ** who works at the Technical University in Munich ** (native of Pisek).

  • "Professor Kooi is a major world-renowned expert. In the Czech Republic for the first time. Already in 2008 he lectured at us organized an international conference on materials for phase and other nanostorage called E / PCOS2008, which was held in Prague. Is an expert in electron imaging techniques, electron microscopy, in all of its advanced techniques in the scan mode or transmission. Knowledge of these techniques is necessary just for nanomaterials research, "* says prof. Wagner of the Faculty of Chemical Technology visiting lecturer Kooi.

Now ** Professor Kooi starts at Monday, April 30 ** expert lecture series and present the candidates will share how the topic of micro- and nanostructured materials and their knowledge collaboration with industry.

Interest professor Kooi is further directed to the synthesis and use of nanostructured materials of oxide and chalcogenide thin films in general. They are used for both optical and electrical recording to DVD or Blu-ray DVD or nonvolatile memory type PRAM. She is also a theoretical description of these phenomena, which are caused by nucleation, crystal growth and their kinetics. The modeling and theoretical description uses the method of Monte Carlo.

** The following week (May 9 to 11) ** it succeeds Professor Stan ** ** Veprek, whose lecture is devoted to the so-called. Nanostructured materials and their basic research and applications. Neither Professor Veprek not in Pardubice for the first time, as stated prof. Wagner: * „In 2006, he lectured at the University of Pardubice known as a speaker at the international conference“ Solid State Chemistry 2006 „. This year the students will bring the latest hot news indeed that to be particularly important in the field of superhard nanostructured layers. Significantly collaborated with Czech industry especially in Sumperk, now with SHM, which manufactures cutting and drilling tools. Special properties of such coatings with high hardness is determined by their chemical composition and their nanostructures. “*

Professor Veprek worked after graduating from Charles University in the Physics Institute of the Academy, where in 1968 the world's first published work on the preparation of thin layers of silicon and germanium. Then he started to work at universities in Germany and Switzerland. Still works at the Technical University of Munich, where he became famous in the Department of inorganic materials for its research into new materials with high hardness and toughness.

Lectures take place on April 30-May 11 at the Faculty of Chemical Technology (classroom S21). They are designed for both students and academic staff, and the wider public.

Both lectures are organized within the project to support the training and development of scientific-research team Materials Research Centre (TEAM CMV), which is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic. This is a three-year project, which was launched in 2009 under the Operational Programme „Education for Competitiveness“. On the implementation of planned educational activities and to support the development of young scientists varsity team won 16.6 miles. CZK.

  • For more information on the lecture series: *
  • Prof. Ing. Thomas Wagner, PhD. *
  • Expert guarantor TEAM CMV *
  • Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Technology UPa *
  • Phone number 466 037 144, mobile 724 905 425 *

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – University spokesman Pardubice phone 466 036 555 e-mail

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