Extensive construction work at Masaryk University Added:23.5. 2012
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Extensive construction work at Masaryk University

Three faculty „Masaryk University“: http: //muni.cz launched a major reconstruction and rebuilding. Implementation of all projects co-financed from the European Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation.

The furthest the works on „Faculty of Arts“: http: //muni.cz/phil, where Sunday, May 20 began cutting so. B2 tract. In its place will grow a new building with six floors and two through the basement floors, which will be located underground parking, classrooms, including multimedia classrooms and depository of books connected with existing faculty library. The project includes the reconstruction of the adjoining buildings and courtyards treatment. Construction for approximately 222.5 million crowns should be completed in August 2014.

Breaking the Faculty of Arts Source: Muni.cz

The new five-storey building will be built within the project Centrum research institutes and doctoral studies by the end of 2014 in the premises „Faculty of Education“: http: //muni.cz/ped. Science gets new spaces for activities of scientific institutes, seminar rooms for collective work of PhD students, their work and working environment for scientific teams. The first three floors of the building will be designed for operation of the new information and study center. Extending up being a library. There will also be a computer room and meeting rooms.

Site for future five-storey building with parking A1 and necessary structural modifications adjacent buildings builders passed on „Faculty of Informatics“: http: //muni.cz/fi. The new front wing will be placed lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, offices, library and modern data center. On the new premises immediately establishes a technology park and business incubator specializing in information technology.

Source: Muni.cz

Author: Hruška, Jan

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