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The full-time study during pregnancy and motherhood Mary Kvapilova Added:8.6. 2012
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The full-time study during pregnancy and motherhood Mary Kvapilova

Four years ago began Marie Kvapilová (24) studied at Masaryk University in Brno theory and theater history. This summer, plans to complete a bachelor's degree, waiting for her final exams, and therefore the defense of the thesis. To do this, but Mary still cares for her four year old son Francis, who was born during her first year of university studies. In this interview you can read as well as what has been studying for the most demanding mother.

Could you tell our readers what stage studies are now?

About this most intense – last week I handed Bachelors and now waiting for me to prepare státnicím.

You'll want to continue after a Bachelor Master's degrees?

Yes, if circumstances permit. I'd much of it was already in my head matures and master's project. However, due to the fact that in my department there is no distance form master's degree, I do not know whether it will be possible. Although I studied until now, only full-time, the situation was always different. Required courses and credits I needed without problems fulfilled, but even at a time when I was on maternity leave, although as a single parent. Now I have to combine my work with Francis and the school. Will and desire to have, at least I try.

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If you're enrolled in the first year of college, so you're pregnant. How did you link the pregnancy with schoolwork?

It was a time when I had the greatest opportunity to study intensively. Yes, the body was „pregnant“, but actually I had tremendous freedom – the opportunity to go to lectures or evening in the theater. In fact, until now, I regret that I had a compulsive feeling that I have to save money, but in fact I have to lecture others could walk. She had! The study I am officially interrupted for a year after the first semester, but I almost went to school until I was – until I lived with her husband in Brno. Do I school back to full-time back after two semesters. When I look back on it, it would be in all directions for me personally better board after only one semester.

How did you subsequently managed learning and child care? They helped with guarding parents or friends?

Immediately after his return it was pretty quiet – as if we were still living together with her husband, a small we are in different proportions changed and nobody else did not watch him. I just remember the case where we cover the examination dates. Then the situation changed when we broke up – help with babysitting good „aunts“ and „uncles“, which I am grateful for it yet. Parents and grandparents live far away, their help was not quite used and if so different form.

Did you get and some help from the school? I help pages motherhood and care of the baby?

Regarding assistance to the schools, was actually huge. But what regards the actual babies, it is dvojjaké, though not nursing – within the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, working under the club exists for babysitting, but unfortunately only in the context of that building. When I look at it a little above, practically helped me, because school was actually an institution that I paid maternity leave – social benefit that is received in the last few months of pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood. But it is rather a matter of the mechanisms of social systems. School – and again, it was not so much school, but rather Department and its members – actually helped me fundamentally, existentially. By the time we parted with my husband I needed a reasonably flexible working and the faculty is devised, the need for a „pomvěd“. Above all it was – and still is – the digitization of documents. And such jobs come to me today.

How to build your teaching situation?

Since my teachers are nice people, they built it to me always very accommodating. I think every mom-student has to have a feeling that does not want in any way other position. He does not want to be either positively or negatively discriminated against. Trying to work without problems, he does not want her teachers behaved somehow exceptional, and it is then due to one of the engines, why fulfill the obligations timely and properly. And as I said before – at our faculty, people are smart and helpful, therefore anyone has a serious and compelling reason that within certain limits and possibilities come out to meet. Regarding ulehčených conditions, one can realize – I never get angry at teachers arrive late. A apologies overslept watches usually present amused.

What does the current examination yours?

Current examination begins. Past? I did whatever some subjects, wrote Bachelors. Of course in the evenings and at the time of Francis midday sleep. So it was always learn or work – if awake – not too much. He goes to kindergarten, but most of the time I spend at work. From time to time, when we're out and is busy, he was going to think through some writing, but much more than that. At a time when we lived with my husband, we took turns to other to learn. After that it was difficult – I have time for learning at a time when the husband takes a son together, and if docestujeme some from distant relatives.

What do you think is on the studio demanding parent?

I think that if the mother is studying a discipline that fills it internally, it's the opposite – the study of a parent facilitates, though it seems perhaps paradoxical. Time spent in school is not enough, the mother then realized i felt in other areas of life, and not in such isolation, and not only in the community of mothers. And it comes back – I think mom is also mentally healthier and logically it transmits back to the baby. Challenging is the study of the child without the parent, because it means to earn a living for both, take care of a child at night to study. But it is really difficult for me yet another thing – take half-measures study. I believe that if one studies in all honesty, it is also in their free time devoted to an individual in the field of education, activities, what he nerentují – whether it's unpaid publishing, and organizing events, participation in projects, but also ordinary evening visits to the theater, and reading God's sake! You can catch what you are being asked, but much more than that. But again, with a reserve – is that the study. Educate yourself whenever I can, but my son is the child only once.

Do you have any tips for expectant mothers-students how to handle it all together?

No. After all, I fight with myself! Choose the right field and in difficult moments to realize how valuable is that I can study.

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