MU issue Mendel's famous manuscript Added:7.6. 2012
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MU issue Mendel's famous manuscript

From June 3 at the Masaryk University Mendel Museum to see the original manuscript Gregor Johann Mendel. The file named Experiments on Plant Hybridization was the basis for the development of the scientific field of genetics. During the exhibition Treasures of the Old Abbey, you can view this valuable manuscript until 30 June.

The manuscript will be in the Czech Republic presented to the public for the first time. Thanks to diplomatic negotiations, after 25 years, returned from Germany to the Czech Republic.

The exhibition Treasures of the Old Abbey will also present the most interesting exhibits of deposits Augustine's Abbey, where his father worked genetics. The exhibition will mainly liturgical objects from the 19th century. There will also be clothing that Abbot Mendel himself dressed.

The event was held as part of this year's celebration of the 190th anniversary of the birth of GJ Mendel. In this framework, among others. Masaryk University also visit three Nobel Prize winners – DNA discoverer James Watson, Tim Hunt and Gunter Blobel. They arrive at the annual series of lectures Mendel Lectures that organizers prepare for the beginning of October.

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