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Five Questions for ... Petra Vichnar Added:18.6. 2012
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Five Questions for ... Petra Vichnar

Petr Vichnar is known as a hockey expert and commentator. Longtime member of the sports section Czech Television also specializes in figure skating, handball, water slalom, downhill skiing and wrestling. Witnesses will remember his moderation entertaining game show Games Without Frontiers. Sport accompanied by Petra Vichnar already in college.

** What college did you study and why did you decide to her then? **

I studied physical education at Charles University and Czech. Half of the studies took place at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, the second at the Faculty of Arts. It was a combination of my two great hobbies – sports and literature.

** What you could study at the university in terms of your profession today? **

In my opinion, this combination is ideal for my profession. On the one hand, the study of sport for both practical and theoretical point of view, on the other growing language culture.

[* A1.jpg. (Petr Vichnar the show Devatero Crafts) <] *** Petr Vichnar as a parquet on the show Devatero Crafts

** If you have today could choose again, what you studied and where? He chose you as the possibility of studying abroad? **

It should be noted that I studied in the 80s of the last century. Today is completely different to offer and their children who had the opportunity to taste the experience abroad, I see us then that's what was missing. But back to your question: I would again studied some of the humanities, attracted by me beside the mother and foreign languages.

** What do you think when someone asks for your „student life“? **

Beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful and certainly the most lighthearted chapter of my life.

** What would you say or advise those who want to report on a field that you have studied or are considering similar professional career? **

Make the most of the chance to be well-educated, never in my life will not have as good a condition as much time to prepare. And if you have the opportunity to attend one of the workshops abroad, definitely use it! You draw from it all your life.

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Author: Hruška, Jan

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