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Scientists around the world will be in September at JU participants 8th European Conference on Ecological restoration Ečer 2012 Added:6.6. 2012
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Scientists around the world will be in September at JU participants 8th European Conference on Ecological restoration Ečer 2012

Press news
  • In September of this year, head to the Czech Budejovice scientists from around the world at the 8th European Conference on Ecological restoration Ečer 2012 (8th European Conference on Ecological Restoration). The interest of foreign participants corresponds to the fact that this is the biggest event in this field, which this year takes place in the world. *

Place disturbed by mining. Photo by J. Řehounek.

Restoration Ecology (restoration ecology) is a relatively young branch of science, which, however, recently developed dynamically. It deals with the restoration of various habitats that have been disturbed or destroyed.

Organization of Czech scientists to due to the fact that in this field have an excellent reputation in the world and regularly published in major professional journals. "I believe that not only the conference itself, but also the accompanying field trips to foreign participants can not only show the good results of research projects, but also their connection with practical ecological restoration. Just linking science with practice is the strength of this ecological discipline, which still did not fit into the wider public consciousness, "says ** Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference Karel Dust **. "It is a pity that despite a series of expert studies and practical experience from the field naturalists with us yet caught on ecological restoration as an equivalent alternative to technical reclamation, eg. In abandoned mining areas. So not only do we waste the potential of these sites for nature conservation, but totally unnecessary state spending and corporate money, "added ** President of the Conference Organizing Committee Klara Řehounková **.

** Ečer Conference 2012 organized by the Working Group Restoration Ecology at the Department of Botany, University of South Bohemia in cooperation with the Institute of Botany AS CR, Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape and the European Commission, under the auspices of the International Society for ecological restoration. **

For more information about the conference is available at its official website „“: http: //

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