Limit the number of students for 2012/2013 confirmed Added:8.6. 2012
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Limit the number of students for 2012/2013 confirmed

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has completed negotiations with public universities on the number of students in the academic year 2012/2013. ** The agreed limit on the number of students drops by 5% and limit the number of students admitted in the first year by nearly 10% **.

Deputy Minister for Research and Higher Education Ivan Wilhelm, however, claims that it is within the competence of each university to decide by itself on how many students in the next academic year of adoption. * „High school does not have to respect the limit set by the Ministry and any excess shall be borne by the students from their own resources,“ * says Wilhelm.

The intention of the Ministry of Education, to stop the growing number of students and consequently the number of students at universities to reduce, is being implemented since 2009. This year, for the first time, however, managed to both parties agree to reduce the limit on the number of students involved in the financing. Ministry of Education believes that this, along with the stabilization of the tertiary education budget, will increase the quality of higher education.

Ministry of Education took into account in determining the degree of reduction in the number of students primarily expected demographic decline. At the same time the Ministry of Education reported this step to support the quality of the educational process and, to ensure the growth of the resources per student. If the state budget indicators in higher education in 2013 will remain at least at the level of 2012, then it can be expected that funding per student increase.

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