The Special Branch: Tourism in private schools Added:20.6. 2012
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The Special Branch: Tourism in private schools

Looking at the current supply and demand for tours of all kinds, it seems as if it was not no crisis. But to do so, and so that people can enjoy their holidays sumptuously must be someone very wield. They are experts on tourism, which educates us at many universities, including several private. And those will now focus.

Tourism is and will be part of the life of the human population. What varies is the intensity of use of what the market offers tourist activities, but also its very structure and prevailing trends. Industry so it is indeed vibrant – now just depends on how he will fare. And from that, there are study programs focusing on tourism and everything associated with it. Students can learn how to make the best and most effective way to achieve the satisfaction of tourists and on the tourism-dependent operations.

What is when you say … Tourism

Branch tourism under her covers everything related to temporary stay of people from the decision on the final destination and length of stay across the way there and back and stay program to the work of agencies, travel agencies, companies focused on tourism activities and other associated areas.

=== O field

Beside the knowledge of the operation and planning of tourism opportunities and tourism activities, students also receive important knowledge about how to function well in business. This includes knowledge of business law, economics, tourism, accounting, business law, management and human resource management, marketing, psychology and so on. Considerable emphasis is placed on teaching foreign languages, communication and rhetorical skills, ability to lead a greater or lesser staff, etc. Students are not only educated merely in maintaining the status quo field, but they are also motivated the creation of innovations in the field of tourism, to try to extend their quality and diversity, improve promotion and inform the Czech Republic at home and abroad, etc.

=== Admission Test

Entrance exams on this subject at private schools usually take place only after examination of language skills (depending on the school's knowledge are one or two languages), or from motivational interview.

=== Tuition

Tuition at private universities offering courses focused on tourism is 19,400 (VŠOH), 23000 (VŠOH), 32500 (IHM), respectively. 55,000 kroner (VSCRHL) per semester of full-time study. In the case of combined studies is that 20,000 (IHM), respectively. 30,000 kroner (VSCRHL). At colleges, the annual tuition 4000 (HPS KV), respectively. 5000 crowns (AHOL – VOS) for both forms of study.

=== Items

Among the subjects taught within the field of tourism students can encounter in addition to the above example, principles of business conduct and etiquette, Multicultural management, sustainable tourism development, tourism geography, the optional ia. On marketing communication services, congress and incentive tourism, Sights Czech Republic, guide services in tourism, animation, tourism, human resources, market research in tourism, ethics and consumer protection, spas, etc. Speaker training.

=== Graduates

Graduates are mostly applied in enterprises in the field of tourism, but thanks outlined above study subjects are their options generally much broader. Depending on the chosen specialization, however, after all mostly applied in hotel chains, with transport-related tourism activities, in travel agencies, small and medium enterprises providing accommodation and catering, management and marketing in hotels and spa facilities, cultural, spa and sports and recreational plants, guide services in the sectors of sustainability and development of tourism in a destination, in the gastronomic establishments in organizations dealing with ways of spending free time etc.

Where field study at private schools

Given that even the very concept of tourism is very broad, offered by individual schools more sub-fields, each of which, in addition to general portfolio of knowledge on tourism focuses on its particular direction.

  • ** College of Business A HOTEL **

Bachelor's degree program: ** Gastronomy, hotel industry and tourism ** Bachelor of study: ** Management Hospitality and Tourism ** (Bc., P / K; 3 years) Web: „www.hotskola­“: http: //www.hotskola­ Page = 78 & nix = Basic-udaje # content

  • ** College of Tourism, Hotel and Spa **

Bachelor's degree program: ** ** Economics and Management Bachelor of study: ** ** Tourism Management (Bc., P / K; 3 years); ** Management of hotels, catering facilities and spa ** (Bc., P / K; 3 years) Web: „“: http: //

  • ** Institute of Hospitality PRAGUE, SPOL. **

Bachelor's degree program: ** Gastronomy, hotel industry and tourism ** Bachelor degree courses: Hospitality ** ** (Bc., P / K; 3 years); ** Management tourist destination ** (Bc., P / K; 3 years); ** ** Free Time Management (Bc., P; 3 years) Master's degree program: ** Management Hotel and Spa ** (Mgr., P / K; 2 years); ** Management tourist destination ** (Mgr., P / K; 2 years) Web: „“: http: //­kreditovane-obory-nav234/

  • ** Higher vocational schools CARLSBAD **

Duration: Tourism ** ** (DiS., P; 3 years) Distance learning: ** ** Tourism (DiS., P; 4 years) Web: „“: http: //

  • ** AHOL – College **

Duration: Tourism ** ** (DiS., P; 3 years) Distance learning: ** ** Tourism (DiS., K; 3.5 years) Web: „“: http: //­me/vos/obory-vzdelani/cestovni-ruch/

Source: websites of the schools Photo: stock.xchng

Author: Černá, Lucie

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