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Showcase of the latest foreign literature at University of Pardubice Added:11.6. 2012
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Showcase of the latest foreign literature at University of Pardubice

Press news
  • From Tuesday 12 June to Friday, 15 June organized by the University Library selling exhibition of recent foreign literature under the name „SCIENTIFIC BOOKS FOR PROFESSIONALS AND STUDENTS.“ *

The academic community of the University of Pardubice and professionals in the region has a unique insight into the current menu prestigious publishing professional and scientific literature.

The event was held in cooperation with the publishing house and bookstore Small center in Brno. The exhibition presents many important publishing worldwide e.g. Butterworth-Heinemann, Cambridge University Press, CRC Press, Elsevier, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Marcel Dekker, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Routledge, Royal Society of Chemistry, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Thieme Verlag Walter de Gruyter, Wiley-Blackwell and World Scientific. Will be exposed to a number of recent monographs and university textbooks and reference works, especially in the natural sciences (especially chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering), nursing, economic and technical sciences. Total will be exposed to over a thousand titles totaling more than 4 million. Interested parties can exposed to foreign textbooks and monographs not only view, but also to buy, and this special exhibition discount.

Traditional, and between scientific and teaching staff of the University is very popular, show the latest scientific literature, which takes place this year for the thirteenth, is accessible ** candidates from universities and the public in the boardroom Dean's Office, Faculty of Chemical Technology **, in the Student Street 573, Pardubice – Polabiny, ** from Tuesday to Thursday 10 to 18 hours on Friday, only 12 hours **.

  • For further information and contact:

Mgr. Iva Prochásková Head of the University Library of the University of Pardubice phone 466 036 546 *

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