Extra study at the Faculty of Management ALL Added:27.6. 2012
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Extra study at the Faculty of Management ALL

University of Economics, respectively, „Faculty of Management in Hradec Henry“: http: //www.fm.vse.cz/ has prepared for those who failed the entrance exams, possibility of a special study. The Lifelong Learning Programme can study ** for consideration without entrance exams **. Students accepted into full-time studies in the next year will be successfully completed courses ** ** recognized as fulfilled. Applications should be sent to 1. 10. 2012.

The school offers three programs:

  • ** ** Basic program – is designed for those interested in a bachelor's degree. Students study in six subjects each semester, which are selected from accredited undergraduate program. The fee for both semesters comes to 28 000 CZK.
  • ** ** Master program – during two semesters, the students selected subjects fourth year. Each semester will be teaching five subjects graduate studies. This program is 35 000 CZK.
  • ** ** Individual program – is ready for those interested in studying specific subjects. Students receive individual in each semester the number of subjects of their choice. Fees are set as follows: 600 CZK for one hour per week in the bachelor and master degree, CZK 1,000 in doctoral studies.

For more information visit „zde“:http://www.fm.vse.cz/…ce-20122013/

Source: www.fm.vse.cz

Author: Hruška, Jan

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