Special about the field: MBA and LL.M. the study of law Added:26.7. 2012
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Special about the field: MBA and LL.M. the study of law

Are you considering strengthening his degree in law? In addition to „a law“ MBA can also get an LL.M. What are good and what's the difference? And everywhere where you can get additional legal education?

** MBA or LL.M.? The title already for one year of study **

MBA acronym means „Master of Bussiness Administration“, ie „Master of business administration.“ It is a title that you can get after graduating in the MBA program. He sometimes two, sometimes four semesters, depending on the length of study school. MBA takes place most often combined or distance mode because it is primarily intended for people who are already working and they just want to improve their qualifications or wearing to work. At the end of the study, then you must write a dissertation and successfully pass the tests. Less well known is his LL.M., which have started to acknowledge and also offer a Czech school recently. The abbreviation comes from the Latin „magister legum“ or in English „Master of Law“, therefore, means „Master of Laws“. Usually the condition of study MBA and LL.M. previous higher education, at least a bachelor's degree. But need not necessarily be of legal areas. For example, in Germany, but it is already possible to obtain an MBA without prior higher education. Tuition is, however, even at public universities.

** Where to study Law MBA **

As already stated, the lessons are usually remotely. It does not matter too much so to the point where your school is located. Relatively easy it is to do your MBA distance learning also at a foreign university.

In the Czech Republic offers a „legal MBA“ For example, the following institutions:

  • Business Institute *

This Prague private school offers a three-semester study in „Business Law in Business“: http: //www.busines­sinstitut.cz/im_mo­duly/mba-obchodni-pravo-v-podnikani.png. The condition for admission is at least a bachelor's degree. The study program stands together CZK 117,600 including VAT. The teaching program is in English in the form of e-learning at a distance and its components are also thematic meetings, which are held about four times per semester.

When studying „this field“: http: //www.busines­sinstitut.cz/mba-obchodni-pravo-v-podnikani awaits together twelve courses from unfair competition law, company law and insolvency law over the right job to the right of Securities securities or a course on tax aspects of business.

  • Department of Law and Jurisprudence *

This private „school“: http: //www.ustavpra­va.cz/cz offers two courses MBA „Commercional Law“: http: //www.ustavpra­va.cz/cz/sekce/cen­trum-pravnich-studii-mba-mba -commercial-law-28 and „Public Law“: http: //www.ustavpra­va.cz/cz/sekce/cen­trum-pravnich-studii-mba-mba-public-law-29. In both cases it is a two-semester study in Czech or Slovak language in each semester will undergo six courses. Teaching takes place distance learning. Each semester are held three meetings, which are not compulsory. Price for study 115 200 CZK without VAT payment can be divided into two or four installments.

At both schools can also obtain an LL.M.

** Where LL.M study. **

  • * Masaryk University

As the first company to offer an opportunity to study LL.M. „Masaryk University“: http: //www.law.muni­.cz/content/cs/stu­dium/llm/ in cooperation with the British Nottingham Trent University. Studies last two years. The graduate program will gain an overview of all legal areas related to business and business practice. The program also includes three management modules on corporate strategy, risk management and corporate finance and accounting. Courses can be viewed at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University. Teaching takes place remotely, six times a year then proceeds weekend block teaching. Graduates will receive a diploma from a British school. Tuition is 62 500 CZK per semester without VAT.

  • University of New York in Prague *

This school is cooperating with the British University of Greenwich. Study LL.M. they are focused on international and corporate law, while learning also have the option to further specialize. The disadvantage is that „UNYP“:http://www.unyp.cz/…ho-prava-llm?… offers the only full-time study, teaching, however, is only on weekends. But it can manage a single year, only the third semester writing a dissertation. For the entire study will undergo only three courses. At this school, you can not do without English. Tuition is 225 000 CZK per year of study.

  • Anglo-American University *

Teaching takes place in cooperation with „University of London“:http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/…-certificate#…, which provides teaching, and from that you also get a diploma. Instruction is in English and you can choose from some thirty years, specializing in the study. Studying can be one to five years, during this time you manage 16 courses for the entire study and pay £ 7620 .

** Studying at a foreign school **

As well as Czech schools, as you already know, for teaching LL.M. together with foreign universities, it is not difficult to bypass Czech school and distance education must begin at a British school on their own. This option provides a large number of British, American or Australian schools, some of which can be found on the project site „RDI – learning without boundaries“: http: //www.rdi.co.uk/. An example is the need to „Anglia Ruskin University“: http: //www.rdi.co.uk/vmchk/law-pathway/148-mba-law.html.

Mediation lawyer, the education acquired at a foreign school, the opportunity to undertake studies in Spanish or Russian, and offer part time courses in Prague can also be found at the company „MBAonline.cz“: http: //www.mbaonli­ne.cz/.

Source: website of schools

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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