Study at work and gain experience while studying Added:26.8. 2012
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Study at work and gain experience while studying

Working while studying the trend of today. But how to combine university studies while working duties? BIBS – College responds to current needs. Due to the specific organization of study allows students to undergraduate programs work already in its course. Students will gain not only high quality higher education in economic or legal fields, but also have up to three years of experience!

Czech and international studies

On BIBS – college to study Czech usual undergraduate program in economics and management, or obtain an internationally recognized degree BA (Hons) degree in Economics and Management or Law and Economics.

If you are thinking about working abroad, BIBS – College offers a combination of Czech and British Bachelor degree called. Double Degree program. Combining the two programs to expand job opportunities and differentiate yourself from other graduates of Czech universities. Internationally recognized degree BA (Hons) ease the search for employment in the EU and other countries.

Organize your studies themselves

The advantage bachelor's degree at BIBS – college is its organization. Lectures take place on weekends about once every three weeks. During the week, so you can work and gain professional experience, or to study at another school. Planning studies also facilitates flexible testing system that allows you to take exams on your timetable, at any time during the academic year.

You can still study in the academic year 2012/2013

Tuition reflects the quality of teaching and education provided, the investment in university studies, it is important to consider well. Given that the whole process is difficult in the beginning, she decided BIBS – preserve college tuition fees from the previous academic for everyone who logs on to a bachelor study of economics and management in 10. 9. 2012. For more information, contact tel. no. 545 570 111 or

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