Come to the Czech happening heads! Added:17.9. 2012
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Come to the Czech happening heads!

** On Wednesday 26th September ** at ** VSB – Technical University of Ostrava ** happening place, organized by the Czech head. The event is held under the auspices of the „Partnership for promoting the popularization of science and research and further education in the popularization and technology transfer in the field of agriculture, food and bioenergy.“

The entire event will begin at 9 am at the project camp. On the 11th, 13th and 15th hour are ready ** contest for high school and college students **. Throughout the day, then not only they, but also the general public and experts will be able to participate in professional quizzes, participate in the activities of the Centre ENET presentations and activities of the Department of Energy, view special laboratories VSB-TUO like. Try But they can even ride Segway or other interesting exhibits.

Further information can be found at or on the „University of Ostrava“: http: // Lang = en & ReportId = 21,412th

Source: „“: http: // Lang = en & ReportId = 21412

Author: Černá, Lucie

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