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Dad lawyer, the son of a lawyer: How do we choose a school? Added:19.9. 2012
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Dad lawyer, the son of a lawyer: How do we choose a school?

National Institute of Education tried to figure out how to pupils of primary and secondary schools are taking their future educational or career. It turns out that the biggest influence on the choice of the family. Students also want to make the school talked to her and managed to find a professional application. (NB .: The article was updated on 11. 12. 2013. (LC))

** National Institute of Education issued ** actual study entitled '' How pupils in primary and secondary schools are taking their future educational or career „(downloadable from“ here ": http: //­ploads/Vzdela­vani_a_TP/ AnalyzaKP_ZSaS­S_pro_www.pdf). There summarizes the results of a survey of ninth-grade elementary schools and the third and fourth years of secondary school. It was a high school with a vocational focus, not on grammar. Total participated in the study over two and a half thousand students. How do you therefore choose our career development?

„Our advise me“

The results showed that almost all respondents talked about their future direction with their parents. Only about 1% of elementary schools and 5% of secondary school pupils on the subject never found. Most pupils tackle this topic with parents repeatedly. Parents also almost always give their children at least some advice on how they should dispose of your future. Elementary school pupils in these councils also have used 86% of cases – less than a fifth of them this advice even completely obeyed. Among high school numbers are similar, fully obeyed their parents but only a tenth of them. However, we can say that for almost adults Parental advice is of great importance.

Internet is the second largest source of information

After the parents is the second most important source of information on studying or working internet. Elementary school graduates looking mostly at the following websites:

  • „Www.atlasskol­“ http: //www.atlasskol­,
  • „Www.strednis­“ http: //www.strednis­,
  • „Www.infoabsol­“ http: //www.infoabsol­

High school students then mostly looking for information on the server „www.vysokesko­“: http: //www.vysokes­, where the school is looking for a third of students majoring completed graduation. In the wake of this site is „www.atlasskol­“: http: //www.atlasskol­, "the";: http: //www.vysokes­ a "www.volbapovo­ "http: //www.volbapo­ Internet use more girls, especially in connection with searching for information about high schools. Besides the Internet, students most often obtain information on the school, where they go, and at their home school. The following information from friends or some teachers. Most people interested in learning more interested in filling study, the possibility of applying, demands study and a chance to get to school. Interest is also information on earnings and satisfaction of graduates.

„I want to do what makes dad“

About a quarter of those surveyed students want to do such a profession that carries someone in the extended family. Conversely, only a small proportion of them goes straight for calling one of the parents. Following the example of his father wants to roughly 8% of pupils significantly less then the profession attracts mothers. The most common is that students identify with the profession of someone else in the family (such as grandparents, uncles, etc.). It is interesting that most children choose to follow parents when their father or mother have a college degree and doing professional work, or vice versa when they are trained and perform some craft.

Students usually decide themselves

Although students usually let parents advise, more than 90% of them (for secondary school is 60%) feel that the final choice of career direction for their own decisions. Parents are then placed in second place – the most important factor considered their opinion fifth of high school students. Some can also friends. In contrast, the least influential ranked primary school pupils of the school psychologist, the class teacher or specialist labor office. The most effective form of vocational counseling is certified school counselor. Students who finish the study indenture (not GCE), ascribe parents greater impact and influence is also leaving current events in the region.

Work and study should entertain humans

Almost all respondents (more than 90%) agreed that the school would be brought to such employment that will entertain them. It should be for them while entertaining in its own right. It turned out that pupils of primary and secondary schools keenly aware of the importance of education in life and in their careers. Almost everyone, whether from primary or secondary school, considered important criterion to choose the school the opportunity to find a well-paid job and a good job upon graduation. Also want to go to a school that can be done to complete. Girls more often than boys crave gain deeper education in languages, travel and the possibilities for international internships and after studying at university. The boys in primary schools and more often considered as an advantage the possibility of obtaining a driving license during the study, and often like to point to the same school, where they went to their friends. For about a fifth of students is an important motivation for the future direction they can go home and study abroad. More than half of high school students said that they want to study further in essentially any school that did not even take up a job. Conversely, those who do not want to continue his studies, so for financial reasons – usually want to become independent from their parents earn or travel. For more information see „the official dokumentu“:…i-svou-dalsi?… National Institute of Education.

Source: website of the National Institute for Education Photo Source: Stock.Xchng

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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