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Switzerland and Austria in four days - Days of Swiss and Austrian culture at the University of South Bohemia Added:11.10. 2012
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Switzerland and Austria in four days - Days of Swiss and Austrian culture at the University of South Bohemia

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The two-day interactive workshop simulating the referendum in Switzerland, the opening of the Swiss Library for the participation of the Swiss Ambassador, readings Doron Rabinovici – these are the days of Swiss and Austrian culture, which for students of the University of South Bohemia holds 15 to 18 10. 2012 Department of German Studies Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia .

15 and 16. 10. 2012, held in conjunction with Regionenpartner­schaft Kooperation St. Gallen – Liberec fourth interactive workshop Swiss realities, which introduces participants to Switzerland and enable them under the guidance of experienced instructors recognize Swiss geography, political system, important cultural landmarks and personalities.

The core of the two-day seminar is a project of direct democracy in Switzerland, during which students of German JU simulate during all phases of the referendum and aware and active participation of Swiss citizens in public life. The specifics of Swiss cuisine is familiar to Raclette-Abend when cook together and discuss. Swiss geography learn during the practical work with maps, important cultural landmarks and personalities are actively seeking and present.

A major event will be the opening of the Swiss Library for the presence of Swiss Ambassador Mr. André Regliho. It will take place in the Academic Library on Tuesday, 16. 10. 15:30.

17 and 18 10. 2012 followed by the Austrian Cultural days, during which the participants look at Austria českýma eyes and will devote Austrian German, literature, film, music and culinary delights. Closely acquainted with the Austrian libraries and scholarship and scientific programs of ACTION, CEEPUS, SCIEX-NMS-CH and the project Summer College Czech Budejovice.

Austrian Cultural Days will culminate on Thursday 18 10 12 pm author's reading, during which his work presents writer, essayist and historian Doron Rabinovici.

*** For more information completed: *** ** Interactive workshop Swiss realities: ** Jan Piece e-mail: tel .: 387 773 226

** Austrian Cultural Days: ** Susanne Christof e-mail: tel .: 387 773 226

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