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Private schools invited to an open day Added:26.10. 2012
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Private schools invited to an open day

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Association of Private Schools in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia organizes ** 15th November nationwide Open day at secondary schools **. The aim of this unique project is to introduce visitors not only with an individual approach to students, but also a family environment, that the private institutions there, and modern teaching facilities.

Private schools are not unlike the public fully subsidized from the budget, so to run often need financial support in the form of tuition fees. The law, however, must not distribute profits and therefore all revenue to invest back into education. Students work Truer aids, participate in attractive projects and competitions, interact with industry tips.

  • "Good private facilities offer many additional activities, such as closely

cooperate with companies in the region, so students have a chance of interesting and unusual practice, "explains Vladimir * Kolder, President of the Association of Private Schools in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. * "Open Day organized in a unified date for Czech Republic unique and demonstrates coherence and collaboration between schools that are members of Association, "* says Kolder. More information on

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