Administration Applications Added:1.11. 2012
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Administration Applications

„Failure to comply with conditions of administration, applications will be automatically excluded from registration.“ That's veto, which the party concerned in the study can be found in different variations of almost all the inštrukciách for administering applications. It is on the forthcoming students to all the requisites for application sent correctly and accurately according to instructions.

At the middle school pupils receive automatically 1–2 applications at Slovak schools, it is also possible to download them from the Internet. At Czech universities you are buying them yourself, resp. shall be reported via the online form. Žiak on a paper application fills the front side and their favor and school verification and complement codes.

Conditions for applications and adoption will vary from school to school: to require some acknowledgment of the physician, biography, elsewhere it is necessary to bring about a Graduation indenture to the receiving interview (or certified copy), for talent assays own creation, portfolio, and the like.

== Dates

Applications are most often administered to ** 2.28 **, no art schools, respectively. those that require aptitude tests, their vyhlašují often to 11/30 Those schools that do not have a rush of candidates tend to have deadlines and the end of March or April.

== Payment

Under the administration application fee is paid, the amount depends on the particular university. At the undergraduate level studies required for example:

  • ** ** Comenius University, Bratislava:
  • € 33 (ie. Faculty of Informatics and Mathematics) – € 70 (Faculty of Medicine)
  • ** ** Univezrita Mateja Bela, Banská Bystrica:
  • € 35 (ie. Faculty of Economics) – € 60 (eg. Faculty of Law)
  • ** ** University of Zilina:
  • € 20 (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering) – € 30 (ie. Faculty of Humanities)
  • ** College of Performing Arts **, Bratislava:
  • € 40 (Divadlená Science) – € 50 (Music and Dance, Film Arts)

Subscribing to the university's year after year more and more elektronizované and administering electronic application stands mostly about 3–5 euros less.

== Some good advice

It's good to see aspects of the school to which they loudly before and after submitting the application in terms of adoption can change and modify two more months before the receiving proceeding (the Education Act). As it happens, neoplatí, reacting to the administration or application to the last minute. Zháňanie confirmation or verification may take indenture, to be rather reckon with complications and then have time priimeraný comfort and peace to prepare for entrance exams.

Be careful on the accuracy of the questionnaire data, as mentioned, the school has the right to ignore your application, and you do not follow the given instructions.

It's good to have a so-called fuse, it is also to endorse a school where fewer candidates and thus have higher chances that you adopt.

If loud at Czech universities, subscribe now in the vast majority of schools can electronically. Payment will allow for a transfer of the euro currency to Czech Koruna (apply to fees). Therefore, if you have someone who you can pay check from the Czech Republic, it does not cost anything but chocolate for him who helped you. Any transfer of Slovak account to an account in the Czech CSOB is free.

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