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Price Alfred Bader for organic chemistry goes to Pardubice Added:1.11. 2012
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Price Alfred Bader for organic chemistry goes to Pardubice

Press news

Czech Chemical Society grants this year's Alfred Bader Award for Organic Chemistry doc. Ing. Philip Bures, Ph.D. from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice.

Award, named after a famous world-renowned chemist, entrepreneurs and patrons dr. Alfred Bader, associated inter alia, with financial bonuses 3 300 USD, will be forwarded doc. Bures at the 47th conference on „Advances in organic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry“ held in Spa Bělohrad on November 2 to 4, where laureate delivers a plenary lecture.

Price gains doc. Filip Bures especially for a large set of 42 papers published exclusively in foreign journals whose theme was both asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, but mainly in the synthesis of new compounds potentially usable in optoelectronics and other material sciences.

Doc. Filip Bures graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, where he became an engineer at the Department of Organic Chemistry in 2002 and in 2005 a doctor. During his studies he completed several short-term internships abroad as a post-doc spent 14 months at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland under the guidance of prof. F. Diedericha. In 2010 he qualified and has since carried out its own research topic focused on the synthesis of materials with nonlinear-optical properties. During his career he was a researcher and assistant of many research grants funded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and currently is a partner in Grant Technology Agency.

This year gains doc. Bures to Bader price yet another award – „Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2012“ awarded by the publisher Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart. This prize is awarded since 1999 to young scientists – chemists high research potential in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, and editor of Synthesis, Synlett and Synfacts.

Price Alfred Bader was founded and is supported financially since 1994, Dr. Alfred Bader, founder of Aldrich (now Sigma-Aldrich), which is known to chemists as the largest manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals for research purposes. Dr. Alfred Bader, himself also an organic chemist, founded this award just for young Czech organic chemists. Although he was in 1939 against the Nazi danger forced to leave Czechoslovakia and his new home became the United States, I will never forget his old homeland and still supports talented Czech chemistry students during their studies in the USA and the UK (Bader scholarship to Harvard University, Columbia University, Imperial College of London and the University of Pennsylvania) and young scientists (Bader Award for Organic Chemistry and Bader Award for bioorganic chemistry). In addition to supporting science Dr. Alfred Bader became famous as a collector and connoisseur of works of art, especially paintings.

This prestigious award, awarded to outstanding and promising organic chemists since 1994 and receives already the second employee of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Pardubice Faculty of Chemical Technology (first awarded in 2007, doc. Ing. Jiří Hanusek, Ph.D. ), which confirms the high quality of research at this University, University of Pardubice.

** Contact: ** Assoc. Ing. Filip Bures, Ph.D. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology FChT UPa phone 466 037 099 e-mail

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