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Palacky University offers applicants for study over 300 industries Added:14.11. 2012
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Palacky University offers applicants for study over 300 industries

Press news

Palacky University prepared during September and October, the online catalog of courses of study for the academic year 2013/2014. Part of the catalog for detailed information about entrance exams, annotation fields, but also information about the profiles of future graduates. Currently, the University offers 345 courses of bachelor, master and master's degree full-time and part-time.

** High school students can choose from two hundred fields ** Yellow pages can prospective students find the site for high school and websites of all faculties. For recent high school graduates is determined 166 branches however, the combinations in two-field studies are relatively wide. Future teachers Study candidates can study both within a faculty and faculties. Examples be a parallel study of theological studies at the Theological Faculty and field for Japanese economic practice offered by the Faculty of Arts.

  • "Although demographic changes in society leading weaker graduation years, interest in studying the

Palacky University is consistently high. Just this year, reported a study of more than 33,000 applicants, the enrollment of less than seven thousand people, "says Radek * Palaščák, print UP spokesman. Similar numbers while University is also expected in 2013. * "The interest in degree courses offered at Palacky University confirmed by the statistics of the catalog fields, "* says chief editor of the website of Daniel Agnew. * "Just the title of the website are UP in February 2012 recorded 370,000 accesses to the catalog. This is a more than ten-percent increase over the previous year, "* says Agnew.

** Months of preparation and painstaking work year after year ** Preparations to update the site with a range of study for the next academic year always starts at faculties before the summer break. Guarantors study areas and study personnel department compiled material for study programs, admission procedure and open days. From the texts then the Communications Department UP is preparing printed materials for fairs tertiary education.

  • "The inspiration for the development of the catalog fields we found at foreign universities. The full-text

Search in catalog allows you to search fields according to various criteria, for example, also regardless faculty, which guarantees the branch. The catalog can be reached from various places: from the website UP, faculties or from the Web „“: http: // „* adds Agnew. Preparation of websites, catalog fields and update of information for those interested in studying at university website and Web takes the editors of websites for about a month of work. Next year candidates may look forward to a new, more attractive appearance pages "“: http: //

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