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University of Pardubice access to education for students with special educational needs Added:26.11. 2012
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University of Pardubice access to education for students with special educational needs

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University of Pardubice in recent years focused addition to its main educational and scientific activities also on the systematic expansion of its activities and services in the possibility of providing higher inclusive education for students with special needs. The supporting services in this area include the opening of the Academic Advisory University of Pardubice (APUPA), which will be held Tuesday, November 27 at 10 am in the auditorium of the university, which has some space for their activities and advisory services.

  • "Academic Consulting provides consulting, counseling and therapeutic services, including psychological, special pedagogical and social counseling since May 2012. In this relatively short period of time provided dozens of professional interventions, including group socio-psychological trainings aimed at developing the necessary skills. She has become an integral and necessary part of university life, students of the University of Pardubice, "* says leading think Dr. Zdenka Šándorová.

On Tuesday, November 27 will thus a kind of formal, ceremonial launch of academic guidance, at 10am at the university auditorium foyer (Student 519, Pardubice – Polabiny). Opening speech by Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs prof. Dr.. Karel Rýdl, PhD. Workers academic counseling in their professional contributions subsequently introduced to offer consultancy services and surveys to date most of the problems. From 13 hours of academic experts will be available to any individual consultations.

Students, academic staff, guests and other interested parties will be at the official opening activities and academic guidance also introduced special project „University of Pardubice and the campus without barriers“, which makes the University a range of services, allowing for improved learning conditions for people with special needs in the period to expand further.

  • "The goal of the advisory team is not only to ensure at the University of Pardubice accessibility to tertiary education of students with special educational needs, but also some assurance of safety and enjoyable facilities. Students can turn to our team with their problems. We offer a helping hand, both solving learning difficulties and need in difficult life situations. We will help eg. about the health disadvantages, learning disabilities, mental trauma, relationship problems or coping with stressful situations. And last but not least, we are able to provide assistance with self-presentation, training levels and various social skills. A enumeration I could go on. The scale of the problems that you are able to advise, is really diverse, "* encourages the use of services and academic guidance with the acronym APUPA leading think Zdenka Šándorová.

*** More information: ***

  • PaedDr. Zdenka Šándorová, Ph.D. *
  • Head of Academic Counseling University of Pardubice *
  • Tel. 466 036 714, 466 036 623 *
  • Student 95, 532 10 Pardubice *
  • E-mail,*

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