First tests in college Added:3.12. 2012
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First tests in college

In this article you'll find information that should you might find useful when going to school, and particularly in situations of assay. Do you know how it is carried out on the test? Do you know how to prepare for tests and you know if you've previously on „okecávacie“ tests or „checkbox“?

== Forms tests

Accordingly, as the object is fixed, and differs by its ends, which will require from you. Some objects exit the assay, which may be:

  • Oral
  • Written
  • Practical

Objects which are to successfully complete an obligatory Department („A-CCA“) tend to be termination of rights assay, sometimes in combination: first you need a certain number of points in written test, which will decide whether even in that day will be able to bring to vyučujúceho that you mouth is checked. Such practice is common, for example, on the rights or medicine.

State final examination (statesmen)

A primary assay is of course the final state examination (statesmen), which is probably most similar to graduation. Waving a written and oral form, circuits, from which you practicing the subject, are published in advance.

=== Credits

Credits typically need to enable you to gain entry to the exam. They have the form of the test (s) or drawing up some kind of seminar work (business). Behold credit itself may however be the end of one aspect, that is, for example, compulsory elective (ie. Beck) or optional (C-co). The number of credits you get per Completion of a course is very different and not always depend on his performance, but also on the total estimated learning plan of a particular department. When writing articles, this data will learn from the description of the subject, so you'll be able to modify their learning strategies according to these criteria.

=== Colloquium

The colloquium is a bit mysterious word, no hiding below it nothing more than a scientific debate. Thus, resembles „a normal“ conversation, during which time, however, need to show that you have, for example, in literature or orient you download with some vyučujúcim their practical experience of the professional standpoint.

How it looks on the test?

Specific forms of each test is always very individual. Various forms of the test require different ways of learning, so you should know in advance on what form was prepared for testing whether you will need 15 minutes to talk coherently about one topic, or just to tick options.

Regarding of written tests, some educators prefer so-called „multiple-choice ** **“ tests, that means, you choose from several options have correctly. It is sometimes the easiest option th, but beware necessary to inform, as they will be evaluated: how much is correct responding? If there can be only one, retaliates to take risks and tipnúť, but then only in the event that an incorrect answer you neodčíta point. In a test where the 0–5 correct answers you must already know 100% that you know what krúžkovať, because if you do not select the right combination, you will not get one point.

In addition to these so called „abc tests“ are more tests with open-** ** issues, the so-called „rozpisovacie“ where you write in your own words, what you've learned. Again you need to be oriented in the forward Ake response has been recognized to what depth should be go and how responses Score points.

=== Viva

For oral assays is actually different. Sometimes a question drawn from a hat-, alternatively you it enters exerciser, sometimes you have at least a short time to prepare, at other times we have to talk „on the spot“, it differs required length of your answer well as whether you are required to continual manifestation or is it rather a dialogue .

Someone for the viva bogey, pre alia sth The best option, because it is the sovereign in hovorenom manifestation. It is good to try out a number of forms such situations, that you may know how to prepare. This will help you to definitely even at practice and other presentations outside of school.

Evaluation of the results študijných == == To evaluate the results študijných This scale is used:

  • A – Excellent (1)
  • B – very good (1.5)
  • C – good (2)
  • D – satisfactory (2.5)
  • E – sufficiently (3)
  • FX – insufficient (4)

The course is successful completion, and get 'em „A“ to „E“. Credits are you counted Of course, only for successful completion of course. The best is that if he fails to test (Or it was satisfied with the mark), you are entitled to two retakes, which is after the middle School nice change. Terms appeals examiner determines the tests.

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